On the mend

Last night came and my visit to the hospital proved successful. The stitches have come out finally. I’ve put the success of all that I’ve been through in the last few days down to Homeopathy.

I’ve been using Homeopathy for many years now, but started using some of the remedies three days before my operation. Four injections later and 6 lesions removed and I had no pain at all. I am now working on the scarring because the scabs have come off to reveal pink skin underneath. I must admit my face looks a little bit of a mess.

My scars will take time to heal, so I’ve emotionally prepared myself and will continue to administer Homeopathy and Calendula cream. The scar that’s healing slowly is still a few days behind the rest of my scars, but is healing so I am pleased about that.

I believe the Pharmacist was right to tell me to keep the scar dry. The scab is tingling as are the stitches, but I’m happy it shows it’s healing. At nearly 48 years old, I can’t afford to live with these problems. I am sure there will be many like me, who live with moles; lesions and warts.

My advice would always be to get them checked out, for peace of mind if nothing else. To know is not to worry and one less thing for us to deal with. I feel better this morning but as the day wears on, not so good.

I’m not sure I realise what I’ve put myself through and although it didn’t seem much last Friday, I feel as though everything is now catching up with me. Tomorrow is always another day for more positives thoughts.

19 Mar, 2011

6 thoughts on “On the mend

  1. Yes,unfortunately it does take time to heal properly. You sound like you’re feeling better, so things should improve from this point on. Hope you feel better and try to have a Great Weekend!

    1. Yes you’re right it does take time. Thank you for your concern and warm wishes. I’m doing better on that front!

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