On the right path

I never thought about the right path growing up because I was always unconsciously aware the road for me would be difficult, because I lived with a disability I didn’t know I had. It was easier to block it out, but it would never go completely.

But if you’re on the right path you will know, not necessarily because you will see physical signs that tell you, but because your feelings will tell you. If you are intuitively aware, you will pick up on what its telling you.

Your life path will feel right to you. When you’re on the right path, your search ends. For the first time, you begin to feel at peace as if you’re home. It doesn’t mean you will never have challenges or be challenged, that’s life.

But being able to tap into your higher self means life becomes effortless, because you have a strong connection with yourself and the universe. Even with challenges you have control, and with control you get to determine your own life and ending.

With autism, even on the right path, my life is a challenge, but writing is my true calling. Getting up in the morning isn’t a challenge for me, writing on my blog and talking about how I feel isn’t a challenge. What I do comes easy, it’s effortless and that’s what a true calling does.

I am at peace. I am mentally and emotionally at ease. I am speaking my truth and being true to myself. I find answers, rather than wait for things to happen, and that takes away any anxiety and stress I have. I couldn’t be happier.

18 Nov, 2020

2 thoughts on “On the right path

  1. It is music to my ears to know that you’re on the right path and happy.

    I suspect that exceeding your goals and finally realizing who you are beyond your name had something to do with it. I’m not surprised though, because you’ve always been your greatest teacher.

    1. Given my life, and what I’ve had to deal with, I could never dare imagine this would turn out to be my path or that I had a gift waiting to be released.

      I do however believe strongly in the universe that things meant for us will never diminish, but on our parts we must keep an open mind.

      As a child, my goal was to at least find out the name of my disability. I remember waiting in the wings, telling myself my time would come and I would find out. I was sure about that but I could never have imagined this.

      Your last sentence resonates with me Tim, but I also go back to hope. I continued to live with hope in my heart and never lost sight from that. I was mentally strong and wasn’t prepared to give in or up.

      That thought got me through some very dark days. We’re in Covid times now, if you know anyone who would benefit from reading my blogs, I would be grateful if you would pass my details on.

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