One size fits all

It’s a shame scenarios don’t come in one size fits all. The picture that presents itself to one person, doesn’t present itself in the same way to another.

Of course, I understand, particularly as we perceive things differently, but how much easier would our lives would be if we were all looking at the same picture and then could agree on the same things. In reality, I am sure that’s what many of us would like, but that’s not what many of us get.

It’s the different pictures that seem to have an impact on us individually and with each other, when we can’t seem to agree or find a way forward on those disagreements.

2 Aug, 2014

6 thoughts on “One size fits all

  1. I agree with you. It is to bad that we can’t have the same experiences. Maybe if we did, there would be more understanding in this world.

  2. I’ve heard it said that one man’s heaven is another man’s hell.

    But I believe things would be more benevolent if we had more understanding, empathy and compassion of the other person’s reality.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree. With more understanding, empathy and compassion we’d be looking at a completely different relationship, one with very little stress in it.

      How wonderful that would be.

  3. Yes it would be great if that was the way things were, but obviously this isn’t the case.

    Most of the problems in the world stem from certain people wanting everyone else to see things the way they do. It’s when they can’t agree on it, where they try to force their views on others that it becomes a major problem.

    Maybe someday things will be different, but I really don’t see it happening anytime soon!

    1. Thanks Randy. I totally agree with you. That’s usually where it comes from.

      Perhaps we all need to stand back and let others make their own decisions, without having an opinion forced upon them.

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