Opening new doors

As one door closes another door opens. As a child, I never thought about that. My life had been mapped out for me from the minute I was born. I was only expected to marry and have a family.

Creating a website and writing a book weren’t something open to me, if the thought had crossed my mind, it would have been a pipe dream for me, a reality for someone else. But opening new doors, means we must make sure we close the old doors first and that takes courage. Just think how much better you’ll feel once you’re through the new door. It’s apprehension that holds us back.

But that’s the thing about life. When we’re open to change; things happen and our circumstances change. Not something our unconscious thinks about, or something we always consciously think about, but it’s there. Our job is to keep an open mind. Perhaps not think about it too much, but continue to live our life.

I could never have foreseen what I was to achieve. All I know is that my thoughts were based on hope and I didn’t aim big, but doors open when it’s the right time, when we’re mentally prepared and when the universe believes we’re prepared. It knows our struggles, more than we understand our own struggles.

Through the process, we must continue to have hope and be patient, learn to recognise the signs. Mine came when my mum told me, it was a difficult birth. Recognising the universal signs sets us up for change.

7 Oct, 2019

2 thoughts on “Opening new doors

  1. I grew up in a world where we didn’t seem to have many doors open to us, so it made life seem hardly worth living, most of the time.

    My parents were always miserable and I never quite understood why. I’ve had to battle everything I was brainwashed into believing as a child.

    My fear of the unknown, has kept me from doing the work that I have always wanted to do, so my main priority has to be finding a way to overcome those fears.

    My struggles destroyed my mind for a very long time, but I’m hoping and praying that I have healed enough to get on with my mission.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you’ve started to open new doors now and that’s important. As children we’re governed by our parents hoping they’ll do right by us.

      That’s not always the case, but as adults we must make ourselves aware and also make it our mission to change certain aspects of our lives.

      It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s not a race. It’s just important we change and don’t leave ourselves stuck.

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