Other people’s wrongdoings

Being 70% mentally disabled means I am 30% physically disabled. Considering I didn’t know I was disabled at all, it’s a lot of numbers to get my head around. Others not caring enough to help me work through my disability is hard.

It’s not the life I wanted, but it’s the life I got. Luckily for me my blog and book have made me stronger. I have understanding now. Although my life’s been tough, it’s why I’ve had to live this life that I struggle with the most.

Ignoring my disability’s very presence, is the catalyst to my mental struggles and as much as I try to reconcile, where I think I’m okay, my subconscious tells me I’m not. Why are other people’s wrongdoings never placed on them and why do they feel threatened when approached, instead of them accepting they are responsible?

Disability will always come at a mental cost and that’s not okay. I have my struggle days; support should always be in a place. That feels like the hardest part.

7 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Other people’s wrongdoings

  1. Don’t I often wonder about those things myself. Why is it that I have watched people do whatever they pleased without any real consequences?

    My parents always blamed each other for their problems and made us feel like such a burden. They acted like none of us had any problems, when it was obvious that we did.

    People say things like they did the best they could with what they had, but my parents could have done so much more than they did.

    Both of us grew up in times when we fell through the cracks, which was truly such a shame.

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree. It is only when parents take time to work on themselves that they put their children first,

      All children have a right to grow up with self-esteem and confidence. When you say, ‘both of us grew up in times when we fell through the cracks’ – yes, without the support that is exactly what happens.

      We can only find positive ways to get past other people’s wrongdoings.

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