Our ability to change

The good thing about the human condition is that we have the ability to think, feel, see and understand how to change things, unlike computers that rely on the information we programme them with.

In a nutshell computers can’t think for themselves, but as humans we have the ability to think and although our experiences will often condition our thinking, we still have the ability to think and are capable of change.

Growing up I was aware that I needed to do things differently, but our circumstances aren’t always that straight forward and we often have to bide our time until the right time. That said, I still believe it is possible for us to work on our understandings, what we need to think about and look out for, making us aware of the need for change.

There are people of course who use their upbringing as an excuse not to change anything. I have known people in my life who continue to make excuses and haven’t changed a thing, but I believe we should at least try to change how we perceive our experiences, so that we perhaps can think about change.

Because we’re capable of change, it becomes all the more sad when we choose not to change anything when we’re absolutely capable of change. As my mother used to say, ‘we’re a long time dead.’ I never really thought about what it meant, but it does encompasses all possibilities about life. We have choices and we can change.

18 Feb, 2014

6 thoughts on “Our ability to change

  1. I’ve definitely changed for the better. I was a wild child until I was about 30 years old. Then my now husband came along and I changed a lot.

    We used to go out and ‘party’ a little when we first started dating, but we grew up after we were married and haven’t looked back. It was a good change for me. The way I was living before, Frank would have cost me my life in some way I’m sure.

    The only thing that I need to change now is catching up with technology. I rebel when it comes to everything depending on computers. I guess I’m a little old fashioned, but I just can’t wrap my mind around technology like some people can.

    I imagine a catastrophic event happening and then everything will be lost because we put it all on computers. I’m not totally against them, but I’m not totally for them, so I guess I need to learn to get with the program.

    1. Yes good idea Lisa! It’s good that we can at least learn how to change. We have the benefit of being able to evolve, learn new things and that’s amazing.

      I think change is inevitable and can seem scary because it’s something new, but as you responded Lisa, sometimes change can be for the better too!

  2. My ability to change was the only thing that helped me to survive the chaos that was my childhood! I’ve spent far too many years blaming my decisions on my parents etc, which I’m trying to change.

    Believe me, I so wish I had a time machine and could go back to change things. I’m haunted by the choices I made which affected so drastically the one person in my life who needed me the most. She’s such a beautiful young woman who’s missing out on life because of her fear of change!

    My biggest fear now is the reality that both my parents slipped into dementia without changing anything so I know my chances aren’t good. I have lost my mind a few times but that would be permanent and I wouldn’t even know it after a while.

    It comes down to being now or never to change what I need to change before it ends up being too late!

    1. Thanks Randy. From what you say it sounds like you had the ability to change as a child so that you could escape the chaos, so I am sure you can do it now.

      Just because our parents don’t make the transition with their own lives, doesn’t mean we’ll go on to do the same. My parents’ didn’t change anything for themselves, and like you I recognised the need for change and went on to change the things that I thought needed to be changed.

      Changing things not only brings more peace into our lives, but will make the transition easier for our children as well.

      I believe we all have the ability to do it, we just have to do it and not look back.

  3. I think we all have the ability to change, but unfortunately many of us either don’t understand that, or want to change but are too scared of the consequences.

    Maybe we make excuses to ourselves for not doing so, such as ignoring the need for change or waiting for some miraculous opportunity to come along and give us a helping hand. Change can be incredibly scary but there is an old saying, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and I think there is a lot of truth in that.

    I went through school and university and 10 years of my professional career, without using a computer and now I couldn’t do any aspect of my job without it.

    I have managed to get to grips with the technology quite well, so if I can do it anyone can, Lisa!

    1. Yes to all of the above. I agree. Just one point stands out.

      Without computers in our lives we did get by sufficiently, perhaps a lot slower, but I agree technology has just made everything so much easier.

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