Our entrance & exit

Some of us will be more affected by our early years than others. Through our background, environment and experiences, some of us will emotionally struggle. Our earlier experiences shape who we are and how we go on to behave.

But that can be no excuse for bad behaviour. As parents it’s our duty to show children moral practices regardless of our own background. It’s important that whatever issues we have, we sort them out so that family don’t have to pick up the pieces long after we’re gone.

I find it incredibly sad when we hear stories where that doesn’t happen. Although we often carry problems that other family members don’t always know about, they need to be dealt with by us long before we’re gone and not left for our children to sort out.

I also believe that no matter how we’re born, or what our story is, our entrance and exit are the most important part, because together they shape who we are and how others see us. There is no excuse for the adverse impact we leave behind. We only have to pick up a newspaper or listen to the media hype to know how some of those stories end.

Where we deal with neglect, abuse, or anxiety, my own experience shows that we don’t have to stay in that place. I have learned that whatever truths we uncover along the way, we must embrace them and learn a more spiritual path, because that fundamentally helps with our emotional and spiritual growth.

And though we might also deal with deceit, it is still possible for us to live a moral life. Through my own personal insights, intuition and thoughts, I show how to become a more balanced, self-assured, independent and ultimately happier person.

For any parent to leave a trail behind for their children to patch up isn’t the way, because that trail without personal intervention, can ultimately never be patched.

2 Mar, 2018

6 thoughts on “Our entrance & exit

  1. Interesting, how debris from the past lingers for perhaps our entire lives. Experiences that may translate into something as simple as craving for love.

    What we do between entry and exit should foster positive emotions to flow into our children like DNA.

    1. Thanks Tim. Up until the point we take control, debris does lingers for our entire life unless we change it. Your last paragraph signals all the right moves for any parent and I love it.

      Sadly, some of us don’t even think we have issues and will continue to blame others for their misgivings. Others will know they have, but won’t know how to deal with them and some will simply live a life in denial.

      But denial doesn’t mean these issues don’t exist.

  2. I have spent most of my life trying not to be like my parents, but in the end turned out to be just like them and so much worse.

    I have been living a lie that I know that I need to escape from, even if it means that once again I have to give up so many things that I value to live the life that I know I want to live.

    People always talk about breaking the cycle, but it isn’t always as simple as people seem to think it is, when you don’t know how to live any differently.

    The thought of living my life the way I have always wanted is totally foreign to me. My daughter deserves to have the dad that she has always wanted to have and who she has been asking me to be lately.

    I just have to try to remember that it is okay to live my own life even though the voices in my head tell me that it isn’t.

    1. Thanks Randy. Where you say, ‘my daughter deserves to have the dad that she has always wanted to have and who she has been asking me to be lately,’ your queue is already there.

      I think sometimes we must ‘feel the fear’ and do what we have to. I’d still be thinking the same thoughts if I hadn’t have made my own changes 11 years ago. Going back to study began to open doors.

      I think we sometimes just have to do it. What you do now will not only have a positive impact on your emotions, but will change the dynamics between you and your daughter and will set your daughter up for life.

      You can’t put a price on that.

  3. There is a saying, “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.”

    This sums it all up nicely for me.

    1. Thank you! “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.” I absolutely love it.

      Yes, that is exactly why we must leave good thoughts and deeds behind when we’re no longer here.

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