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As a child, I never used my intuition as a guide. To be honest, I’m not sure I understood what intuition was back then.

It’s a shame really, but I believe now that had I have used my intuition growing up, I would have had the chance to focus on certain aspects of my life, without constantly looking back on my past, missed opportunities and all of my non-achievements.

I understand more about intuition now. It is our intuition that keeps our lives centred, so that we’re more understanding of why our lives turn out the way they do. I believe that when we understand why something happens the way it does, we’re usually strong enough to walk away from any past indiscretions; because we understand.

How well our intuition works very much depends on us and how much we practice, listening to our thoughts and being open to those thoughts. It’s either something we understand and can work with, or something we won’t understand and will miss. There are no half measures.

From my own personal experiences, the more we participate, the more attention we will pay to the thoughts we receive through our intuition. The more intuitive we are, the more inspired we will become.

The more inspired we become, the more we will live in the present, move on from the past, the easier it will be to just let things be.

26 Sep, 2012

6 thoughts on “Our intuitive guide

  1. I’ve never been intuitive.

    I generally follow my experience and knowledge and usually ‘get there’ in the end. I think a lot of that has to do with my job and training, as it is all based on evidence.

    I have certainly seen how it helps you though.

    1. I agree with you about your job and training. It would be a new intuitive thought pattern from your now thinking.

      For me I know that being intuitive definitely continues to help me in my life. I feel I make better choices and decisions and feel more calm, even on my most difficult days.

  2. I don’t think I’m intuitive but live by experience. Medically I use what I’ve learned from my job and schooling to deal with medical issues and even some of the daily issues I can relate in a way, especially the psychological aspect of things.

    I took a lot of psychology courses in college and learned from them, but I think my every day things I deal with I use my experience to deal with them.

    I’m sure if I learned how to be intuitive I may be happier.

    1. I know you would feel and be happier if you learned how to be intuitive. I know how much happier I feel in general, even though like everyone else I still have things to deal with.

      I do agree that work and other experiences do help depending on our experiences, but learning how to be intuitive goes one step further.

      When you listen to your intuition it connects you with a greater knowledge that encourages you to deal with personal growth, empathy and compassion, which other people without intuition may sometimes struggle with.

      I believe that we all have the ability to learn how to be intuitive.

  3. I’m in the process of forgiving my friends for ditching me when I got sick. It’s hard, but I’ve got to do it.

    I was very intuitive as a child, I suppose to the point where I became compulsive, but I can’t change the past, I have to move on.

    1. It’s very hard to work through the process of forgiveness, particularly if the other people you are trying to forgive haven’t apologised for what they have done to you.

      I found myself in the same situation as you when my mother was terminally ill. One or two of my friends just disappeared without a trace and left me with no support. When I told one of them how disappointed I was, I walked away, as she wouldn’t back down.

      Relationships are about give ‘n’ take and you getting sick wasn’t the right time for them to ditch you. Perhaps it’s time for them to talk to you about the part they played in all of this and see if you can find a middle ground, before you completely forgive.

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