Our parents’ parenting

As a child I had no idea about life and about my parents’ role, I assumed they looked after and cared for me and thought they always had my best interests.

Looking back my beliefs were my parents’ beliefs. As children we are sometimes conditioned from an early age to accept a life our parents choose for us. They parent the way they have been parented and the cycle continues.

Having children of my own made has made me more aware of my own parenting. Children should be encouraged to make their own choices and way in life with the help of parental support.

I always try to use encouragement and positivity as a means of communication with my children and although I follow spiritual values that bring more clarity into my decisions, for my children; I don’t insist they follow my path.

I would like to think that some of the values associated with my own spiritual beliefs, such as simplicity, understanding, sincerity, empathy, compassion and loyalty are ones that my children will embrace further on in their lives.

It’s not right for parents to force their children’s hand.

10 Jan, 2012

6 thoughts on “Our parents’ parenting

  1. My parents tried to overprotect me because of my CP, but in time one must find their own way in life.

    Everyone must find what makes them happy content and fulfilled as a person. That is what life is all about, being happy.

  2. I followed my parents beliefs for a long time, but when I was a teen, rebelled against it and then figured out I was wrong in doing so, but that’s the life of a teen. We have to get out and experience life.

    I just got mixed in with the wrong crowd. I kind of follow my parents beliefs now to a certain extent. I think as we grow we learn develop our own beliefs.

    1. It’s amazing Lisa how you came back full circle.

      I’m sure you must have put your parents’ through hell as a consequence of your actions, but it’s often the way we have to learn sometimes.

  3. It has taken me a long time to realise that I was still living by my parents’ belief system.

    Now at this point I’m just trying to figure out what my belief system is. I’m hoping that I can change things for the better in the future!

    1. Recognising your parents’ beliefs as your own is half the battle. No reason why you cannot change your beliefs Randy.

      It should come, give yourself time to work things out.

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