Our perceptions & realities

Our perceptions are our reality, which become our stories. As we go about our daily lives, we all get caught up in our own stories.

Most of us will come to believe over time that we are our stories, that we created those stories, but when we stop convincing ourselves those stories aren’t the life we actually want that’s when we may become unstuck.

Think about your life and your own story. Is your story something  you wrote yourself, or did your parents, your spouse or your friends create your story, or your realities for you? If you’re not happy with how you see your life, how you see yourself through other people’s perceptions, then perhaps it’s time to change your perceptions, your reality and your story.

It’s important to be conscious of our perceptions because if we’re not, someone else will create our perceptions for us. Although changing our perceptions isn’t easily remedied, the people who created our perceptions for us, will still be around and in the equation. From my own experience. It’s fine for them to be in our lives, but not fine for them to be in the equation.

It’s not that we consciously or unconsciously choose to do something. It’s other people who have influences on us, our environment and our upbringing that have a lot to do with our perceptions and realities.

18 Aug, 2014

4 thoughts on “Our perceptions & realities

    1. Yes I get that too sometimes. Thanks for responding to let me know. I have every confidence that you will. I am more than happy to explain further.

  1. I think people’s perception of others is more likely generated from a controlled mindset suppressed from knowledge and hell bent on validating someone else’s superiority.

    And it is true that our environment and other influences can foster perceptions from others and ourselves. But I believe our perceptions of our reality can be our greatest strength.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree with your sentiments but would like to add one more thing! In my own case my perceptions of my own reality weren’t my greatest strengths.

      Through some very bad times, time of struggle and stress my beliefs and finding a way forward became my greatest strengths. Without having and holding on to my spiritual beliefs, I would have crumbled. My beliefs kept me focused.

      I believe how we deal with our perceptions very much depends on the cards were dealt.

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