Our starting point

Finding out about cerebral palsy and autism we’re always going to be the starting point for a change in attitude from me.

Our starting point towards mental and emotional healing, is the point where we find out about ourselves. Knowing what you’re dealing with should be the start of any healing process.

It is not enough to ignore that you have something, it is also not enough to know you have something and ignore the fact that you have it, or have it and settle into life with it, without looking to help yourself. It is important I found ways to manage what I had to deal with.

I have autism, but it is something I manage, not something I define myself by. It was important I was able to look at and come to understand my symptoms, so that I could incorporate a better lifestyle around what I was fundamentally dealing with. Through a better lifestyle, I am able to manage what I deal with, with a little more ease.

It’s easy for us to give up on issues and ignore those, in the hope that those will go away, but a disability or a condition we deal with, don’t just go away, we must deal with those. It is better that we manage, co-exist alongside what we deal with.

It is the key, not only to a more comfortable existence, but to life also.

30 Sep, 2019

2 thoughts on “Our starting point

  1. It sounds like you’ve reclaimed your precious life in the way you perceive things. Something is growing in you, Ilana.

    The fact is, you are timeless, your challenges are very temporary.

    1. Thanks Tim. That’s kind. Yes, today is probably not the best day, but you’re right. Through my intuition, I can sometimes effortlessly (and it’s taken years to master the process) understand and work through my issues.

      My challenges are temporary, but anxiety and my bad thoughts sometimes feel permanent. A bad day brings them both back.

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