Our superficial lives

When I was growing up, superficial wasn’t in our vocabulary, because we had a different outlook on family, on friends and because we conducted our lives differently.

We grew up with a completely different attitude towards people and society. Unfortunately, with superficial anything on the surface is quicker and simpler and less complicated, but in other ways superficial is less satisfying and provides us with no emotional fulfilment.

We seem to care less about each other and care more about ourselves. We lightly regard matters that we should give more significance to and put too much emphasis on the things we should lightly regard, like materialistic things.

Relationships take time, effort and understanding, but we don’t give ourselves the time, let alone the effort to nurture lasting relationships. Instead surface relationships become the result of our shallow lives.

No one talks about what matters anymore and as we continue to live our lives without those deep and meaningful conversations, there will be very little in the way of meaningful relationships.

For some of us it looks like superficial is here to stay.

7 May, 2015

6 thoughts on “Our superficial lives

  1. Wow, yes you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head! People are more concerned about how much stuff they can have, than actually paying attention to the world around them.

    Family doesn’t seem to mean much anymore when everyone is focused on ‘Keeping up with the Jones!’ rather than being concerned about the people closest to them. We have come to live in a world where people like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actually considered role models.

    Selfishness and self-centeredness have become socially acceptable. The very technology that is supposed to connect people is allowing people to stay disconnected from the real world. It seems so much like the world they had in the Matrix movies, where some people would actually be happier to stay in the fantasy world the machine created.

    I grew up with a very superficial parent who was more concerned about having all the stuff rather than taking care of her own children. I think that’s why having all the stuff hasn’t ever mattered that much to me, as much as it has to everyone else.

    We had everything taken from us so many times that it didn’t really matter anyway. It’s not surprising that with certain things I tend to hoard, not out of being selfish, but more out of a sense of necessity!

    It feels like I have woken up from a coma to find that the world has become such a horrible place to live. I find myself feeling guilty for wasting so much time and not focusing on the people who really needed me, like my daughter! The person I used to be who lost his mind about having all his stuff taken away isn’t the person I want to be today.

    I just really want to become a good father and decent human being who won’t be forgotten after my time comes.

    1. Your last paragraph says it all, ‘I just really want to become a good father and decent human being who won’t be forgotten after my time comes.’

      This is exactly what we should be aiming for and we can’t if we’re living superficial lives. Thanks Randy.

  2. It’s just sad how superficial people are nowadays. They love material things more than they love each other. That’s why shows like the Kardashians annoy me and are banned in my home. I don’t want my kids to think that having so much is important.

    I get more satisfaction have a meaningful conversation, or just spending time with a loved one than going out and buying something. I lose interest fast if I am with people and they are just talking about superficial stuff. I get so uncomfortable that part of me wishes I wasn’t there.

    At the end what truly matters is how a person is from the inside and how they make people feel.

    1. Thanks Maria. I totally agree and can understand why you wouldn’t want your children to watch reality t.v. that contributes to us learning how to be superficial.

      It’s important for children to learn the importance of relationships on a deep and meaningful level. These shows often show us how not to do things. If I don’t agree with them, I tend to go the opposite way.

  3. I’ve moved from one reality to another in the past few years by simplifying my life and becoming more focused on love, family and my internal self. I can actually hear myself breathing and nothing is urgent but peace of mind.

    Over the years I’ve noticed that people who hide behind the superficial are people who are afraid of their own nakedness.

    Amazing blog today, insightful and superbly written!

    1. Thanks Tim. Changes are good. How wonderful. From why you say Tim it sounds as if you’ve come full circle on your thoughts; coming back into your life but with a completely different attitude, a more peaceful mindset of where you want to be.

      Perhaps more of us should try to follow your example.

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