Out of lockdown thoughts

Although coming out of lockdown has been a welcome distraction from Covid-19 for many, being high risk means I am still home. But the jury is still out, because scientists know that whilst we were in lockdown, the virus rates continued to fall.

With people in other countries are still falling foul of the virus, we are still not safe from Covid-19. With the vaccine roll-out and precautionary measures in place, the virus is now massively reduced, but with new variants mutating and spreading, the virus can make its way back into the UK.

Given what we know about the virus, and whilst the UK government is choosing to relax Covid-19 rules, opening the country too soon could have dire consequences, particularly when we start to interact with each other from the 17th May.

Scientists are still unanimous that relaxing the rules can spell trouble, given what they know about the virus. Throughout the process they have continued to get their message out about new variants. We see it with India. It could happen in the UK. It is up to each of us to continue to make sure we’re safe and stay vigilant.

If Covid-19 begins to get out of control, the reality is, we will end up being locked in our homes once more. With my life now changed, it is exactly where I am. On the odd occasion I go out, I mask up. Safety first.

9 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Out of lockdown thoughts

  1. I am happy we are coming out of lockdown, as more and more measures are eased in the UK. I also read the great news today that the WHO (“World Health Organisation”) considers global infection rates have plateaued.

    I have always said that irrespective of the advice, I will take a view on what I think is appropriate to do and not do; the easing doesn’t overly concern me.

    Fortunately I work from home, my meetings are all now online (and I suspect that will continue) and any site visits I do are outdoors. I consider myself fortunate in those regards.

    I don’t think another lockdown is likely but as you say continued common sense and a cautious approach are necessary.

    1. Thank you. “I have always said that irrespective of the advice, I will take a view on what I think is appropriate to do and not do” – a good call.

      Our own advice and a common sense approach is something to consider. Since the beginning I have followed the independent scientists’ advice.

      What they say makes the most sense. We’re not safe until we’re all safe. The Covid-19 virus is still out there.

      Although it is reduced, we must still be cautious in how we go about our lives.

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