Out of our depth

Some days we just feel equipped, other days we feel we could conquer the world. You know the feeling, when you can’t seem to lift your mood, you can’t see a way forward and you can’t work out what to do next.

It usually comes about when you’ve got too much to do and you don’t know where to start first. It all becomes too much. Well the good part is the feeling doesn’t last, but the bad part is that feelings must be allowed to run their course. Getting stressed because we can’t lift our mood only serves to makes things worse.

I know from experience that when we begin to recognise and take stock of those kind of feelings and we allow them to pass, we will feel more comfortable, focused and confident; ready to move forward, make decisions and put our thoughts back on track more positively.

19 Oct, 2013

8 thoughts on “Out of our depth

  1. I am sure we all have days like those you describe and it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and not so easy to recognise that we are able to do something about it; but I know from my own experience that we can turn it around.

    It helps me to talk to someone so I can get another perspective and those feelings often lift quicker than if I try to tackle them myself.

    1. You’re right, another perspective is sometimes what we need, but the problem is that we tend to make that the last resort.

      We could save ourselves a lot of stress, by understanding where we are emotionally with what we’re dealing and talk to someone about it.

  2. Yes, I have had many of those days where I’m looking at the mountain I’m supposed to move and am only holding a small spoon to do it with!

    My biggest problem has always been struggling with where to start. It does help when I actually ask for help which isn’t something I’m very good at even on my good days.

    I’m trying to do things differently now which is taking a lot of practice, but I’m hoping it will make my life so much easier!

    1. I’ve never heard the expression you’ve used Randy, but trying to move a mountain with a small spoon makes sense. It just wouldn’t happen!

      It’s never easy asking for help when you’ve never had help and done things on your own. For some, I would think it’s a pride thing. We’d rather struggle than show others we’re weak.

      When we’re used to working on our own we often continue to work on our own. It’s never easy working through change.

  3. I can’t imagine being in a good mood all the time, just as I can’t imagine living forever.

    We eventually learn to appreciate and oblige our bad moods and emerge stronger and wiser.

    1. Thanks Tim. I can only speak from my own experiences of course, but as a child I was constantly in a bad mood brought about by my physical problems that we’re not being addressed.

      I think a bad mood for many of us is a coping mechanism, in a way it’s a statement to show others how we feel about something. When we learn to deal with the something I believe our bad moods do shift.

      As the adult now I have no bad moods. If I have something that I foresee as a problem I just deal with it. Part of the problem we have is that we’re always having to deal with something and it is that something that creates the bad mood.

      I do agree with you that we come through stronger and wiser eventually.

  4. Yes I know the feeling all too well. I usually just have to start somewhere and then I tend to have the energy to do the rest.

    1. Thanks Lisa. The hard part is knowing where to start. Some times seem more obvious and easier than other times.

      I’m pleased you have enough energy to get you through. That always helps.

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