Overcoming my challenges

Because I had a tendency to give up on things as a child, and I didn’t know or understand why until now, there was very much a reason so that gets me off the hook. I am exonerated.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop my flaws being pointed out, which did very little for my self-esteem. I went through my childhood with blinkers on, because of a lack of understanding on my neurological difficulties.

It has been 6 years now since I found out about cerebral palsy and I am still finding things out about myself. It’s a side to my life that I find difficult to comprehend. When I think I’ve found an acceptance on how I got to this place on the things I’ve had to deal with, my subconscious tells me we’re not done.

It would be difficult to explain this to anyone, let alone the fact that every word is true. Behind every action there is a reason and a reaction that form part of the cause, but not the symptoms.

To understand my issues, is to understand me. We must never assume or judge because we can never know. As ‘my story’ shows, it’s important we look for and understand other people and their circumstances.

Now I know, I can work to find ways to overcome my tendency to give up. My blogs show the world a different version of where I was all those years ago. I must continue to find ways to challenge myself, so that I can remain focused and not give up.

It certainly puts my struggles into context and for others close to me to understand. They must understand it wasn’t me being lazy, I had too many neurological challenges to overcome that continually got in the way.

29 Oct, 2016

4 thoughts on “Overcoming my challenges

  1. Every time you write people need to read more to block out chaos and focus on what makes sense; you’ve always had brains and courage.

    But what I appreciate most is that you never allowed people to crush you, and unless they stuff your mouth with rags, you never will.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. I’ll let you into a secret; my blogs also help me block out my own chaos so that I can focus exactly on what I need to. My life has never been easy.

      My blogs give me the clarity and understanding that I need, to go out there and do and give of my best.

  2. You now have the understanding you weren’t afforded when you were young. You had to go through those difficulties as part of your journey to get to the wonderful place you are at now.

    People judged you and made assumptions without knowing you and I hope they all read your blogs to appreciate fully the circumstances, in which they leaped to conclusions.

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