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Neglect is neglect, whichever way you look at it. I remember a conversation that took place between myself and a senior consultant when I went to get my cerebral palsy diagnosis.

The consultant said that if I had have known about my cerebral palsy as a child, I would have had to wear calipers and put in a special school for children with learning difficulties. I can’t be sure whether this is something my father was told, or looked into, but it’s living with my mental and emotional struggles that bother me more.

As a child you trust, it’s what you do. That is never something you look to question. A relationship between a parent and child are based on trust. Trust, a little word with a big impact that makes us feel loved, makes us feel worthy and cared for.

A word that signifies to the child that their parents will do their best for them no matter what. After all these years, I need to choose a different thinking that serves me better.

5 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “Parents & trust

  1. Yes, my parents were very neglectful and I learned very early on that I wasn’t able to trust them to be the parents we needed.

    My older siblings turned out to be better parents than them and probably the only reason I survived through a good part of my childhood. I hate to even imagine what it would have been like if any of us would have had issues like Cerebral Palsy since we wouldn’t have ever received the treatment we needed.

    They probably wouldn’t have told us about it either, which I think only added insult to injury in your case. I’m sure you often wonder what could have been as much as I do, but sadly the past can’t be changed so we have to deal with the now.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, we’re definitely on the same wavelength and page.

      Looking at the bigger picture, I believe my life would never have been any different; but now my site is making it easier for me to find an acceptance. I need to continue to focus on this being the most positive part of my experiences and the reason why I didn’t get to know.

      It’s easy to get sidetracked and deflated. It doesn’t take away the facts of course. As you say the past cannot be changed, so we have to deal with the now.

      My site is the most positive thing to come out of my life and it’s not just me benefiting, so I’m happy.

  2. You expect your parents to protect you. This means to respond mindfully to your emotional and physical needs, in an effort to reduce the amount of pain later in life; you obviously didn’t get that.

    But you write to avoid suppressing your anger and to avoid being consumed by it. In other words, you have found a way to balance what happened to you with better experiences.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’ve summed up your response beautifully; thank you. Yes, I have found a way to balance what happened to me with better experiences. The CP Diary is the better experience.

      I need to keep building on that. It’s doing me the world of good, whilst helping and supporting others too. We support each other.

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