Patience of JOB

Have you noticed that when someone loses patience with you, it’s often not because of something you said, but something they’re struggling with and yet they won’t admit to that?

You know they’re losing their patience with you, because they’re unreasonable on something you said that was totally reasonable. Stressful situations will always culminate in us being less patient, when the other person is being reasonable. The more we practice though, the better we will be.

Even the most impatient person can learn to be more patient. It’s a skill that needs honing. If we’re aware that we’re not being patient, just by pressing the rewind button, sooner or later we can change. It’s important we stand back and assess where we can do things differently and then go back in. We have to take responsibility for ourselves so that we don’t blame someone else for how we really feel.

So why do we lose patience?

It’s usually a trigger, an issue that we’re dealing with that starts us off. By putting our triggers into perspective we’re more likely to be in control of how we react. Being frustrated is also another trigger factor. We must find ways of relieving our frustrations, without taking our frustrations out on others. Our frustrations aren’t someone else’s frustrations.

Communication helps with patience. Always say what you feel, before it gets to that point where you begin to lose patience. It’s wrong to assume others understand telepathically how we feel. We must learn to respond without kicking off.

I believe that when we’re in a less stressful place, we are more patient. Unfortunately, patience isn’t an overnight fix, it can take years of practice to master.

30 Dec, 2012

6 thoughts on “Patience of JOB

  1. Being in a hurry makes me lose my patience and being continually lied to makes me also lose it. I’ve been dealing with the latter issue more lately though.

    I’ve almost lost my patience with an agency, with a couple of people that have continually lied to me and I believe they know I know the truth but they continue to lie. It’s like banging my head against a wall. Useless!

    I just have to believe things will work out soon and that God has this and I shouldn’t worry about it. I used to be a very impatient person, especially in my teen to early 20’s. I would get so impatient just having to sit and wait forever at a doctors appointment.

    We all know I’m sure that doctors are notorious for making us wait. Well I couldn’t stand it. I would start getting vocal and let everyone in the waiting area and the office know how impatient I was. I don’t do that anymore thank goodness. I know I used to embarrass my mother so much.

    Learning to slow down helped me some and learning compassion for others helped also. We’re all just human, nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. Everyone should learn to be patient with each other.

    1. I understand your frustrations Lisa but try not to get impatient. I know things will happen when they’re supposed to. It’s good to keep people sweet, particularly when we’re relying on them to help us get the results we want. We have to be on their side, regardless of how we feel they’re handling our situation.

      I believe the more impatient we are with people, the more we end up getting stressed without getting the results we want. The universal law tends to work against us when that happens.

      It may be a good idea to stand back for a short while and re-think strategies on how you handle the agency. I understand your frustrations.

  2. I have far more patience than my brother ever will, although with my father that wears thin pretty fast some days.

    I have learned with elderly people you have no choice other than to wait. My dad has one speed (SLOW) yet if he wants me to do something it has to be done NOW.

    I suppose I should be grateful he is as well as he is. he is closing in on 85.

    1. It’s a shame Randy, but I know where you’re coming from. For some, the older we get the more set in our ways we are, the slower we can be, the more impatient we are with wanting things done yesterday and on our terms!

      For me the quality of the relationship has to be more important than the age. To struggle with someone of that tender age isn’t great either. I’m not sure why being older gives us a meal-ticket to treat others inappropriately.

      We should be patient and nice to others regardless of age.

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