Peace of mind

“The definition of peace of mind is the absence of anxiety or mental stress.” It should be conducive to emotional and physical wellbeing. It can also give us increased energy, improved memory and may help us adapt quicker in difficult situations.

It doesn’t matter what I deal with, I always try to have peace of mind. It’s something I strive for daily, regardless of what I deal with, or how my day works out.

I’m not sure many of us may actively choose to live with chaos, if we could actively choose to live with calm instead. The problem is that achieving peace of mind is not so easy to achieve.

Having peace of mind allows us to concentrate better, stay more focused, meditate better and bring about a deeper understanding of our lives and the lives of other people. Peace of mind also helps us become better individuals as we learn to be more patient and tolerant with others.

To achieve all of this mentally, we may have to be prepared to change, not only our lifestyle, but our mental attitude too. Over the years we may build a wall of unhappy feelings, resentment and anger towards others that if left can begin to eat into the very core of our being, as we continue to struggle.

Building a wall only adds to how we already feel about ourselves, about friends and family. Start by taking out as much negativity as you can. Learn to meditate and recite affirmations. Down size on stress and stressful situations and put yourself first.

We need to think of ourselves and be at one with ourselves, before we can be at one with anyone else, because only then will we have peace of mind.

16 May, 2012

4 thoughts on “Peace of mind

  1. I really enjoyed this insightful blog.

    I use a series of mantras to help positively re-enforce my attitude to life. Though it is very easy to lose sight of maintaining a peaceful mind, we would all do well to remember this blog.

    This blog has beamed positivity into my day.

    Thank you,

    1. Welcome to the site Stuart.

      Speaking from my own experience it’s very easy to lose sight of maintaining a peaceful mind, particularly because we’re also dealing with Cerebral Palsy. I’m pleased you’re feeling positive and that your mantras work for you.

      I always stick with the formula that works best for me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well I guess I’ll never have peace of mind because I live with drama constantly. I’m to busy sorting out other people’s problems to worry about myself but that’s how I was raised, doing for others. I feel selfish If I do something for myself most of the time.

    I don’t go shopping like other women do and buy stuff for myself, I don’t take time for myself to just do stuff and most of the people I do stuff for is my family. There is always chaos in some form.

    I haven’t been on holiday since 2009. The next time we will probably go on one will be in 2 more years for our 20th anniversary.

    Peace of mind is a dream for me.

    1. Lisa just because you’ve never had peace of mind doesn’t mean you will never go on to have it. It’s a mind set thing that can be changed at any time. Learned behavior if you like!

      It’s a matter of unlearning and relearning a different pattern and think about yourself for a change. Your family won’t crumble because you take a day off.

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