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Given what we all deal with and in such uncertain times, supporting one another has never been so important.

Through my blogs I continue to show us how to navigate our circumstances, make things feel better, whilst we continue to emotionally support one another. Being proactive is very much the key to us thinking about change, our life and our circumstances and how we can go about making those changes.

Thinking about what we deal with and how we get to deal with those things, has never been more important in today’s society, so please help support me, so that I may continue to write, get my thoughts out there.

By continually being proactive, we change the way we think about life, about ourselves and the things we deal with. That allows us to act on change.

And by responding on my blogs you also continue to be part of The CP Diary family. Please support The CP Diary community by posting. Thank you.

11 Aug, 2018

6 thoughts on “Please support The CP Diary

  1. We live in dark and uncertain times when everything we know has been turned upside down politically, socially and economically. It makes you want to run and hide until normality resumes.

    In times like these your site provides a wonderful platform for us to talk and express our feelings, in a place that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else.

    Everyone can benefit from reading your blogs, but above all taking part in the safe haven you have created. We should all be part of that community by supporting the site.

    1. As ‘Meat Loaf’ once sung, you literally have taken the words right out of my mouth.

      I think and feel the same. I come to The CP Diary often, not only to write, publish and respond on my site, but because as you say it’s a safe haven.

      My blogs give me understanding where I have very little, but also give understanding to others on what they deal with too, where.

      My website provides a platform for us to talk about and express our feelings, in a place that is safe, warm and inviting and where no one judges or stands in judgment.

      But I need more people to respond to be able to continue to do what I love. Thank you to you and everyone who has supported and continues to support me.

      Thanks to those who also continue to read my blogs.

  2. Yes, the world would be a much better place if we all worked on supporting each other, rather than tearing each other apart because of perceived differences.

    I read my home page and get reminded of why I live where I do, seeing as we seem to be isolated from the horrors of the world. I have been trying hard to support your website, seeing as it is a beacon of light in the darkness that has become my life.

    The reality is that I’m the only one who can change things, even though I know it may mean losing material things, but it would be nice to feel like I can walk away with some small amount of dignity as a man and a human being.

    I need to be able to focus more on supporting people like you, who are being proactive, rather than people like my girlfriend who seems intent on irritating the rest of the world.

    I have actually started dreaming of being able to make it to England to meet you, seeing as I should make the trip for many different reasons too.

    I had hoped to be able to bring my daughter too, which may not be possible now,but taking the trip to rescue her proved to me that I can travel, even though it’s one of the hardest things for me to do, thanks to agoraphobia.

    Once my PTSD gets triggered and I end up dissociating from the experience, it isn’t as bad as it normally would be, in some ways those issues have become a good thing.

    There is a whole world out there and I need to be able to see it and deal with people who actually want to support me and accomplish so much more in my life, rather than just be a tool that they can use for their own purposes.

    There isn’t a whole lot of time left, in reality, and I would like to be able to make the best of it while I can.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, when you say, ‘the world would be a much better place if we all worked on supporting each other, rather than tearing each other apart because of perceived differences.’ You are right.

      You’re also right about there being a whole world out there, it’s good to explore. I struggle to get out more too because of what I deal with around illness, but we do what we can and that’s all we can do.

      It’s still important we surround ourselves with people who want to support us. I have spent a lifetime moving boundaries around behaviour issues.

      The CP Diary is important, because it’s somewhere we can come to and is important in such uncertain times. It’s somewhere we can give and receive emotional support, where no one is judged and we can be ourselves.

      Responding is part of that. You responding is not only helping me continue to run my website, but it’s helping others too. I am grateful to you for your continued support.

  3. I have enjoyed and supported The CP Diary for years and I will continue to do so, even though my life swings in different directions at times.

    Of course, I use the Diary’s love to find my way back every time.

    1. Thanks Tim. I understand that life swings in different directions.

      With so much uncertainty going on in the world, our life emotionally swings in different directions also. That can take us away from the things we love and support, until we find our way back and this is where the diary comes in.

      By reading and responding, we’re all adding to a little piece of history that continues to shape us emotionally, in ways in which I could never have imagined.

      My blogs continue to help me and a much wider audience with their emotional wellbeing. On the back of trying to sort out my own mental health issues from a non-diagnosis, The CP Diary was born.

      Tim, I couldn’t and can’t continue to do what I do without your love and support.

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