Political Suicide

In 10 years of writing, the political landscape has changed. Through autism and so I feel comfortable with what is happening in the political landscape, I feel I am left with little choice but to write about what is happening. I need to feel better.

I am sorry these kind of blogs don’t make for comfortable reading, but the truth doesn’t not exist because we don’t talk about it. The truth is out there whether we accept it, or not. The political landscape has always been fraught with difficulties.

I shudder to think what will happen at the end of the year when Brexit is ‘done’ and our lives change completely. In my 57 years of life I have never seen such incompetence.

When all we can do is sit back and watch ‘Brexit’ pan out, made worse because of the pandemic, 4 years in and the ripple effect of everything it stands for is clear.

Certain banks are taking away credit cards for ex-pats living in Europe unless they still have residence in the UK. The Government promised that the £350M sent to the EU each week, would go back into the NHS and that is what the 2016 referendum vote was based on.

Their initial reasoning isn’t matching up to what we’re seeing unfold and anyone with a normal thinking brain would choose to backtrack on the new facts in front of us, and all we can do is sit back and watch our lives being snatched away.

I hate the fact that Brexit is even a thing or the fact that I’m having to use my blog as a platform to talk about these issues, but not writing about them creates more anxiety, because through autism, it has nowhere else to go. My blogs are based on our universal truths, lessons to be learned.

Having to deal with Brexit around a pandemic, will not end well and all we can do is sit back, watch and wait. Politicians running the country care about themselves more than they care for people and won’t mediate with anyone who tries to tell them otherwise.

Jobs are being lost. Manufacturers, shops and offices are shedding jobs, smaller businesses are continuing to close; farmers are struggling to survive, to make ends meet. With an ever-shrinking economy, firmly set in recession and Brexit still looming, it’s time the government put the brakes on.

Everything I have written here and the fact that the world is facing a pandemic at the same time is enough for politicians to backtrack. Where none of us can vouch for ignorance, or ego I shall continue to write about the things that affect us all.  All I can do is sow a seed for hope and positive change one blog at a time.

22 Sep, 2020

2 thoughts on “Political Suicide

  1. We are living in times not experienced in the post-war period; times when we need to trust and be guided by leadership.

    Instead here in the UK we have a political party solely concerned with their own selfish interests and unenlightened, nationalistic ideologies, rather than social equality and human rights.

    Meanwhile we are literally staring down the barrel of economic and social collapse and they don’t give a sh*t. Rome burned while Nero fiddled.

    We need to to keep sewing that seed, Ilana. Thank you for getting your thoughts out there on what we all have to deal with.

    1. Yes, quite. I shall always write about these things. Initially I never set out to write about these things, but my anxiety is worse when I don’t.

      Talking about things in the way I do, although it may not change everything, it may change one thing and that’s good.

      As you rightly say ‘sewing that seed’ is important and needs to happen. I will always endeavour to do that.

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