Poorly again

It wasn’t long ago that I was dealing with a sore throat and subsequent cold which took 14 days to clear, but now it seems I’m back again with a sore throat.

It’s difficult with children in school to be totally free of not catching a cough or cold and with parents working all the time, children and the school playground are a breeding ground for these types of illness. I am more susceptible because I have Cerebral Palsy.

The problem for me is not so much the sore throat, but the link I have to other health problems when my sore throat turns into a cold. It’s gets more difficult each time. Being ill scares me. I hate the feeling that comes over me as I try to deal with the whole experience positively. It scares me that I have little control over my reflux and digestion problems and that as soon as the sore throat comes, I have all of it to deal with again.

I think it comes with the territory. I used to think if I were more aware of what I was dealing with, I would perhaps cope better, but it’s probably the fact that I hate illness and generally cope less with illness. I know I have to get through it.

And the usual supplements I take tend to stop working as I struggle to find a comfortable space. It’s tough.

3 Dec, 2011

6 thoughts on “Poorly again

  1. I hope that you can begin to feel better soon.

    I’ve been trying to keep positive with everything myself. So far I’ve managed to stay away from illness though, since I took precautions when I thought it was coming on.

    I’m thankful for that, because I’m in the middle of finals!

    1. Thanks LeAnna. Let me know what precautions you took. I’m feeling slightly better this morning, but not done with it yet! I’m working on it.

      Good luck with your finals.

  2. I hope you heal quickly and don’t have another problem come up with this illness.

    You’ve been through a lot lately and I think your immune system is a little low due to the stress that you’ve dealt with.

    I really hope you’re better soon.

    1. I totally agree Lisa that our immune system is the first to get hit when we have issues or problems to deal with. At least I’ve not been the only one poorly, so I’ve had a little bit more sympathy.

      The whole of my family have had it, just different versions. 🙁

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