Post-op consultation thoughts

My thoughts are reflective this morning as I work on my day. It’s a day where problems pertaining to the assault will either be resolved, or they won’t.

I am hoping for good news from the post-op consultation. What we’re dealing with is nothing sinister now, it’s just something we’ve had to continue to deal with since the assault.

I know that in four to five years I will look back and will contemplate these experiences as part of my past, like I do any other experience; but for today I will continue to work on my resolve, so I have the strength to focus on what happens the other side of this.

I want to wake up with nothing taxing to think about. I want today to be a turning point in our lives. I want to turn the last two years into something positive. Now, doesn’t feel like it did last year. I feel better, but nervous for what lies ahead today.

In many respects our life has moved on and that’s great. With the operation now clearly behind us, our life has returned to some normality, but emotionally we still have things to work through.

The recuperation period is always long and drawn-out. I am hoping that today will be good news. I’m thinking positive thoughts.

28 Jun, 2012

6 thoughts on “Post-op consultation thoughts

  1. I sincerely hope you get good news and can finally put this terrible experience behind you.

    I admire you for how well you’re dealing with all this. Please let us know how it went!

    1. As soon as I get my thoughts together I will write another blog. Thanks Anne. Lovely to see you on site.

  2. It would be great for you have some good news from this appointment. With everything you’ve had to deal with lately, I’m sure it would be a welcome change.

    I know it can get very frustrating when all you’re getting is bad news. I hope you feel better soon and try to have a Great Day!

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