Pressures of change

Our lives are going to change again in three weeks when Claudia leaves home for the first time. With A level results behind her now, tonight seems like an anti-climax.

The build up to exams has been enormously difficult for all of us. Emotionally we’ve had to deal with those and the inevitable results on results day that bring about pressures, not only of the exam results, but of change and new thoughts about leaving home. I’m sure things will feel different tomorrow, but today everything feels so big.

I slept beautifully last night before the results came out as I had no concerns. I’m just hoping as university beckons I will continue to sleep.

16 Aug, 2013

6 thoughts on “Pressures of change

  1. So glad Claudia did so well and hope she continues to do just as well.

    I also hope you continue to sleep well. Glad you slept well last night. You’ve had so much to deal with and you deserved a good night!

  2. Change is something I’ve always had a hard time with because of the way I grew up when things were insanely chaotic. Most people would consider my idea of a life pretty boring, but I have come to like things fairly quiet and routine most of the time.

    It’s always nice when it’s a positive change especially when it comes to your children! Many changes are happening around me right now which I have to deal with in a productive way.

    I’m just hoping that they can be done somewhat peacefully as I’ve had more than enough excitement for one lifetime!

    1. It’s awesome! Thanks Randy. Like you I also like things quiet.

      You’re right we both have adjustments to make which we will have to deal with in a productive way. I’m up to the challenge as I am sure you are too.

  3. I’m so happy that she did so well on her exams and grades at school. Can’t believe that she will be off to University already; how our kids have grown.

    I’m sure it will take some adjusting to having the house all to yourself. I too am in the same place with my son Aaron. It is taking me a while to get my head around the idea of him graduating high school and him no longer tethered to my apron strings. Not like I ever wore an apron LOL!

    Adjustments take time, I pray you keep enjoying good sleep and the changes that life bring you.

    1. Thanks Maria. I have always loved my own space, so not having my children around probably won’t be a problem, although Daniel will be back in December! I love the fact that they’re both doing what they love to do and that they’re together at the same University and that makes me more settled.

      Working to get their grades has been a culmination of everything up to this point. I’m pleased Claudia’s hard work has paid off for her and that she can reap the rewards now. I agree with you Maria that adjustments will take time and there will be be some of that, but it’s all good.

      Like you I am so proud.

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