Psychological challenges

I know that living with Cerebral Palsy has always had an effect on me psychologically. It’s not just a physical impairment, but it’s a mental one too. The problem is people’s understanding of what I deal with, how and why.

I will try to piece together an explanation of what I go through emotionally with Cerebral Palsy. For me I am hoping it will go some way to explain why fatigue has always played a big part in my life and why travel plays a big part in that too.

It’s so frustrating, because there are very little answers out there to verify what I know. I believe that having Cerebral Palsy means I use more energy to do something than someone without Cerebral Palsy would, without giving it any thought.

For those of us with Cerebral Palsy, it will always take longer for our brain to tell our limbs to work, which is why we get fatigued. Our brain has to work harder, our joints must work harder; and it is those two elements that impact on our mental and physical health.

It therefore goes some way to explain why travel is hard and would further explain why issues become stressful, particularly if I have too many issues to deal with all at once. I’ve never been great at the multitasking thing.

I tend to give up at the first hurdle. There is always too much mental thinking involved and that tires me physically.

23 Oct, 2013

2 thoughts on “Psychological challenges

  1. I can see why you become tired so easily and I understand.

    I don’t have CP, but fibromyalgia involves CFS. I don’t understand the involvement of CFS in fibro but I’m sure it also involves the brain in some aspect.

    I too get exhausted after a trip. Even short ones are tiring. I know what you’re going through and I hope you feel better soon.

    1. I am sure you’d be able to find out more on the wide world web Lisa about what you deal with.

      I think sometimes when we do know and understand what we deal with, we cope that much better. Thanks Lisa.

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