Push through it

Push through it, push through the emotional pain. I pushed through the pain of not knowing about my disability, or what that even meant, how it played out day to day. I pushed through the pain of not being able to talk about it in the early days.

It’s easy to ignore what we don’t know about, we don’t know so we don’t have to think about it right? Not true, because we will always have to deal with what is meant for us, even if it’s not obvious in the beginning.

But no matter what we deal with, we must push through the pain, we must come through the other end. We may often have no choice and that’s the reason we must push through.

Not knowing about my disability made pushing through hard, but I never gave in. I was aware I was dealing with something, I needed to push through something, but didn’t know what.

Now the world is fighting a pandemic we must all individually and collectively work together to push through it. There must be support, we must all want and work to the same end, so we limit its damage and continue to do ‘what’s right.’ Where we’re not doing that there will be discord and harmony, we will struggle and the virus will continue to grow.

Push through it means challenges must be addressed, and attitudes must change. It also means a changed life through the other end and us becoming better people, but for that to happen, we must address what we have and continue to work together.

18 Sep, 2020

2 thoughts on “Push through it

  1. I have been pushing through it for most of my life and like you, I didn’t often know what I was dealing with until later in life.

    It didn’t make a lot of sense to me until after my experiences with nervous breakdowns and finally coming to understand what my mother went through with her mental health issues.

    There were a lot of things that she didn’t have control over, but my father convinced us that she did a lot of things intentionally when that wasn’t the truth. On top of everything else, we weren’t taught much about life skills which has made life very difficult for my siblings and I.

    So needless to say, we had to learn how to push through things as kids that most other kids can’t even imagine, let alone be able to handle.

    I have listened to so many other people complain about how tough their childhoods were in reality they had things so much easier than I ever did. I can’t relate because I didn’t live in one place my whole life or even go the same school system like they did.

    My parents were beyond dysfunctional and put us through hell by ignoring some of the basics, throwing us to the wolves, so they can’t even comprehend what it was like.

    My point being that I definitely know about pushing through things. It’s okay to ask for help, there are so many things that people never taught me that I can learn about now.

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m glad you pushed through it, we would never have met. I think for many, and given the pandemic, social media sites have become a lifeline.

      I think you’ve come a long way since those days Randy. You’re becoming stronger and you’re aware. Yes, it is often hard to equate or understand how we get to change things. Just start with one small change. It took me many years to understand it myself, but you must continue to believe in yourself.

      I think the key to push through and come through stronger lies in our ability to not only understand our experiences and our life, but to find ways to champion ourselves and change how we see ourselves and our experiences.

      What happens to us is initially as a consequence of someone else’s actions, it is then up to us to change it. My story proves we can.

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