Quiet contemplation

I often use quiet contemplation as a tool to strive for inner peace. Inner peace comes from how I deal with my perceptions. Having peace not only represents our inner perceptions, but how we outwardly deal with our life and the people in it.

Inner peace represents quietness: a quietness that incorporates love and respect that we have for each other, despite our political, cultural and religious views.

Peace isn’t about a fancy car or a fancy house. It isn’t about looking at what other people have and wanting what they have, or the latest technological find. Having material worth gives us nothing. It can never give us a guarantee on peace or happiness. It is our perceptions that dictate our ability to be happy.

I will often sit and look at my cat and contemplate. When I think of a full tummy, somewhere warm to sleep and a hug is all she needs that brings a smile to my face. I’ve always cherished the simple things in life. Those are the simple things.

I also don’t make comparisons and don’t become obsessed with the things I cannot change. They’re usually there for a reason. I simply learn to deal with them.

30 Aug, 2012

4 thoughts on “Quiet contemplation

  1. I find peace when all is quiet and there isn’t chaos around me and that comes rarely in this household.

    My husband seems to find peace all the time because he isn’t worrying about whether the pets get fed, the household chores are done, the meals are prepared or if he have clean clothes to wear.

    It’s ridiculous really, but I chose this lifestyle and I’m the house wife and mom so I’m in charge of all the household stuff right now.

    I do have my days where I can sit quietly and contemplate life.

    1. You chose to get married Lisa, but marriage is and should be a partnership! Most things, particularly household chores could be shared.

      Based on what you deal with and what your husband deals with, it’s not surprising your husband has more peace than you. Pleased you have some time to contemplate your life. I am sure those times will help.

  2. I can’t remember the last time i had time out for myself.

    I used to enjoy riding my motorbike just for the sake of it and that was a great way of relaxing and restarting contemplating, but that’s not an option any more.

    I definitely need to find more time for myself away from all the hassle of life.

    1. I agree with you. It’s probably time to think of an alternative to a motor bike that will help. Time out is so important for everyone.

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