Quiet time

For most of us, sitting when we could be doing something constructive may seem a little boring, but that’s the idea about spending time on our own.

Just a few minutes a day, gives us time to think and be at one with ourselves.  I usually take quiet time to evaluate my life and what’s happening in it, so that I can make any changes I need to make.

What are the advantages of quiet time?

Quiet time helps us release tension, think about things in the peace and quiet. It may help us let go of responses to stress and may help us to concentrate on ourselves. It may also help us to think about our lives moving forward, giving us a different perspective on things.

Quiet time allows to us think about any changes we want to make. It may help us think about things on a subconscious level, bringing those thoughts into our conscious mind, so we can deal with those.

Unfortunately, we’re not always consciously aware of the mental clutter that goes on inside our head. Those are the thoughts that we have no control over that play out in our everyday lives.

Quiet time helps us dig deep within us so that we may achieve inner peace. That time may also help us think about a change of pace and a change of attitude, so that we can think about our own needs.

It can also helps us to learn to channel our energies into peaceful thoughts, helping us let go of the mental clutter. When the mind is clear, we will make better judgments. When we make better judgments, we will go on to make better decisions.

Quiet time can help us become aware of our own spirituality and in turn that allows us to live with more peace in our lives.

21 May, 2012

12 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. I think quiet time is a great idea. For me it couldn’t involve doing nothing but I like to do something that contrasts with my working day behind a desk, usually gardening, going for a walk, washing the car or just talking to the cat. 🙂

    I did this today. I took 20 minutes out of my working day to wash the car and that cleared my head nicely!

    1. I do think that doing what we enjoy away from our working day is a very good idea, but I think the idea behind the quiet time is to reflect on our inner thoughts, so that we get to change our life for the better.

      If you can couple that with your time out to wash the car or do some gardening then that wouldn’t be a problem. To clear our head is good, but to go deeper than that needs time out whilst we sit and reflect.

  2. I like my quiet time too, but with 3 kids it’s hard to find. I do get some though.

    I like to just sit and do nothing at all, not even think. When I was 14 I learned a method to “quiet” the mind, but it took me until I was 32 to get to that level of quietness. I have since found ‘shortcuts’ and learned that its only the first step.

    Sometimes I do think about stuff, life, kids, work, family etc.

    1. You’re absolutely right. With children quiet time isn’t often something we get to do. We don’t always get to choose when we take it! I like the sound of the method you learned at the age of 14 Bill to quiet the mind.

      Please will you let us know what the method is. I am sure there will be many people out there who will benefit from your wisdom.

  3. This exercise is from Laurie Cabot’s ‘Power of the Witch.’ I have also read it in more ‘main stream’ books.

    The Crystal Countdown

    Find a quiet place, sit down, get comfortable, close your eyes, and spend a moment breathing deeply and relaxing. When you feel centered, or balanced, keeping your eyes closed and with your Third-Eye (the mind’s eye) visualize an empty white screen about a foot in front of you. Your eyes may flutter or roll upwards while closed; it is an automatic reflex that in time the fluttering will stop.

    Next see on the screen a red number 7. If this won’t appear easily, try picturing just the number 7 or just a red background. Try to recall an object that is the color you want to envision and see it in your mind’s eye. An example would be a red fire truck, a yellow sun, or a rainbow. The goal is to be able to visualize the numbers 7 down to 1 with the matching color for that number as shown previously above. You want to be able to hold each colored number for a moment then release.

    When you reach orchid, count down 10 to 1 without colors to deepen the alpha state. Then mentally say to yourself with conviction, “I am now in alpha and everything I do will be accurate and correct, and this is so. At this point you will perform the task you decided upon. Keep in mind that the alpha state is not like sleeping. Even though you have counted down, feel relaxed, and have your eyes closed, you are still in total control of what happens to you.

    To return to what science calls the beta level of brain waves-or normal waking consciousness- erase what is on the screen with your hands. Then, while still in alpha, with your eyes shut, give yourself Total Health Clearance in the following way. Place your hand about six inches above your head, palm downwards. Then in one smooth swoop bring your hand down in front of your face, chest, stomach while turning your palm outward pushing away from you. Say to yourself, “I am healing myself and giving myself total health clearance.” This must be done every time you prepare to come out of alpha. You will clear the way of any harmful energies that are present, and you will project an image of yourself as strong and healthy. Next count up slowly from 1 to 10, then 1 to 7, slowly open your eyes.

    1. Thanks Bill. This sounds fascinating. Thank you for agreeing to put it on the site. It will be nice to get people’s feedback on this, when they read your post and/or try your exercise. I hope they’ll give it a go.

      *Please let us know if you give this a try, how you get on.* Just post your comments to The CP Diary.

  4. Quiet time is great, but I can’t stand it. It makes me sleepy and slows me down.

    Maybe that’s why I can’t meditate. It’s like my mind goes a thousand miles a minute and won’t stop except when I sleep. I’m sure that’s why I don’t sleep well, partly anyway.

    Good post though!

    1. Thanks Lisa. You’re always keeping busy so I can understand you finding it difficult to slow down and have some quiet time.

      Although I have never been as busy as you, I find a few minutes a day helps keep my stress levels down and helps me focus on me and my life better.

      I believe it’s worth a go.

  5. I like the idea of quiet time. As a writer quiet time always helps to provoke ideas but this post is obviously not about quiet working time.

    I’m in the midst of a busy working week regarding my other job, working in disability sport and it is pretty hectic. There is hardly any time to think.

    At the end of the day it is nice to get in my car and retreat back to my house in order to let some quietness take over.

    Find a spot under a tree
    Some time to wonder about me
    A chance to be free.


    1. Writing does help us provoke ideas and we have to be calm and at peace with ourselves for the writing ideas to flow. I absolutely love your analogy. It sounds completely wonderful.

      That would be my ideal place to think, really think!

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