Quit talking

I find it amazing that when we’re children, we’re curious about the world and the environment. Through our curiosity we want to explore more.

But as the adult all that changes, but still we must make it happen. We need to quit talking about the things we want to happen and instead start doing what we’ve been so curious about, for so long. Sadly, with stress we lose enthusiasm and without the enthusiasm, complacency sets in.

Perhaps, therefore we must know that we can set out to do what we choose to do. Curiosity never dies, it just sits on the back burner until we reignite our passions again. We must learn to be curious again, courage to have a go and constancy for us to remain focused and unchanged.

Putting ourselves out there is the first step. We need to follow our convictions once more without us getting side tracked. We need to believe in ourselves again. We can curiosity again as an adult, but we mustn’t let stress get in the way.

23 Jun, 2011

4 thoughts on “Quit talking

  1. What if it seems like every dream you have gets squashed right when you think it’s about to be seen? I have very few that have come through, but most are ended right when they are about to happen, like school. I was almost half-way through and it got squashed.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong in life and I’m not supposed to have any dreams come true.

    1. I don’t believe that Lisa and i am sure deep down subconsciously you don’t believe that too. I think a lot of our dreams as children can be taken away from us because our parents sometimes want different things for us, so our dreams tend to go on the back burner, but as an adult we have more control over our life to follow our dreams.

      Of course circumstances beyond other people’s control can prevent us from following our dreams, like school for you now. That has a lot to do with the recession and cannot be helped. If we weren’t in the recession I am sure school will have happened. You have also chosen to go down a different path right now, so school would have been more difficult for you now.

      I think we are very much in control of our own destiny, life is what we make it to some extent. You have to go out and make it, or find other ways to help yourself, if the original route isn’t open to you.

      It’s down to you, however you choose to work it at the end of the day.

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