Reasons to succeed

Somewhere along the way in our long and distant past, we unconsciously give ourselves reasons to fail, instead of giving ourselves reasons to succeed.

Unconsciously, because I’m not sure anyone would wittingly put their name to something they thought they were going to fail at. It becomes easier to look for excuses and takes less time, than it does for us to work on turning our thoughts into successful deeds. A bit like a smile.

Growing up as a child I never saw myself as a success or failure. I was too wrapped up in my own physical, mental and emotional issues to even care, but had I have done, I would probably have seen myself as a failure. Having achieved success with my writing now, I see myself in a more positive light.

If that means I am a success then that is what I have become. So how does one turn to the flip side and give ourselves reasons to succeed? Through attitude. Attitude is our vantage point, a frame of mind that keeps us positive. Achievement is built when we have solid and meaningful reasons behind what we want to achieve.

When we hone in on ourselves, we show commitment, persistence and creativity too and it’s those things that help us get the job done. The best motivation for success is to keep in touch with and focus on those initial reasons for us wanting to achieve success.

1 Mar, 2015

10 thoughts on “Reasons to succeed

  1. When I embarked on a new career after retirement, I gave myself all the reasons in the world why I wouldn’t succeed. It was my way of bracing myself for failure. Although I disparately wanted to succeed, I convinced myself that failure was an option.

    You’re absolutely right Ilana. It was my attitude; I sought comfort behind the possibility of failure because I didn’t believe I’d succeed anyway. But eventually I jumped into the deep end of the water and discovered that I liked it.

    Today, I am successful and respected on a job I once feared.

    1. How wonderful. Thanks Tim. Yes it’s easier to anticipate ourselves for failure, than it is to work on us trying to be successful.

      As you have shown us, we can be successful even if we think we’re not going to be. Perhaps we set ourselves up to think that we will fail, just in case we do, but quietly hope that we will be successful. It’s our way of setting ourselves up to find a level of acceptance on the possibility that we may have to consider a fail option.

      The down side of course is that where we constantly talk ourselves into failing, I believe we eventually will.

  2. I know a lot of folk who have low expectations of themselves in certain situations, so that they are no too disappointed of the outcome and this is exactly what you describe.

    It is almost as if they expect to fail and I really do think this kind of negative thinking does have a bearing on an outcome. A positive attitude comes across and more importantly it dictates how we behave and respond.

    I think you can set yourself up for success as much as you can for a fall.

  3. Most of my life I know I subconsciously found it easier to deal with failure than attempt to succeed!

    There wasn’t much reason to even try, since I grew up in a world where nothing ever mattered and no one seemed to really care whether I did good or bad. I could have come up with a cure for cancer and the people who should have been proud of me would never have noticed!

    Now in my life I’m trying to believe that it will be okay to succeed at something, even if it means exposing myself to the world! People can be so harsh and judgmental without even trying to understand why we made the mistakes we made at the time we did!

    I just have to find a way to deal with whatever may come, good or bad, since what I’ll be trying to do, may actually succeed in helping others!

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree with you that what we go through in our lives, particularly the bad stuff, makes it easier for us to hide behind failure, but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of turning something around so that we become successful in our own right.

      Life may start badly, but doesn’t have to end badly. Sometimes we just have to say, ‘enough is enough’ and get on with finding ways to help ourselves; so that we have and make opportunities and if those opportunities help other people, then we will have achieved greatly.

      We have to become responsible by making things happen, either by taking the bull by the horn, or by seizing the opportunity when the right opportunity arises.

      The problem with the latter is that it takes longer to do something about it, as we wait for the right opportunity, and is easier to miss. In that case we just have to go for it.

  4. I never had the motivation to attempt to be successful in a career since I was never encouraged by my parents to do so. Their lack of belief that I was capable of succeeding in a career rubbed on me.

    They also thought there was no reason why I needed a job, since I received disability assistance. Now I regret for allowing them to influence me that way.

    Nowadays, I may not be successful in a career, but I have and am succeeding in other aspects in my life. I think learning to do the best with the life I was given is success in itself.

    1. I love your response Maria. You recognise your parents’ failings, enough to understand it’s not something you need to carry yourself.

      I also love the fact that you recognise your own success and that is to be embraced. Even if you hadn’t have seen yourself as a success, the fact that you don’t feel you’re responsible is a success story in itself.

      Children (and I have done it too) will always take on their parents’ guilt because parents’ fail to acknowledge their own shortcomings.

  5. I refuse to let myself fail at whatever I do. Sometimes I feel like a failure, but I know better. I keep the positive attitude and the thoughts of, “I can do this”.

    1. When we look at our life it’s easy to see why we would think we have failed, particularly when we’re struggling and things aren’t going our way, but life isn’t about that.

      The most successful people are the people who haven’t given up; the people who have come through their struggles stronger. Those are our success stories.

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