Recent challenges

The last two days my thoughts have been on the problems with my hair salon. Sometimes life goes like that.

Today I resolved the problem I had and made the decision that it was time to move on and I’m okay with my decision. Although I normally pride myself on working through problems and nine times out of ten I work through them successfully, this outcome I know could never change.

The problems weren’t about me, but they often aren’t. When others instigate as an issue is usually a reflection of how they’re feeling about themselves and that’s reflected in their behaviour towards me. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It isn’t right when we’re not happy that we bring others down.

I know that starting over again is something I will have to do, but I also know that to stay wouldn’t have changed the problems and challenges.

So how do we deal with people who are difficult?

When someone initiates a negative message, they’re implying we should respond. I tend to speak out, because I feel worse if I don’t. And just because we respond, doesn’t mean the conversation has to spiral out of hand. I didn’t come out thinking I was in a bad place, I felt as though they understood and that we had reached an understanding.

I had problems with my hair and I wanted them to know what those problems were. They needed to know. Not to say what we feel is always worse in the long term. It’s easy to look back and live with the ‘what if’s.’ I didn’t want to do that.

In this particular case, I left the salon knowing I’d done the right thing. Hopefully they will have understood.

31 Oct, 2010

6 thoughts on “Recent challenges

  1. Good for you. Yes we need to be able speak our mind without recourse, especially to people that are supposed to be professionals. Not to do it would mean we accept their attitude and that’s not right.

    Speaking our mind calmly and giving our opinion should help them and they should see it that way. We are the customer and without customers you don’t have a business and usually they will continue to act the same way to others. Over here I’ve always heard that the customer is always right.

    Some people are ignorant to how they treat others. Especially people with disabilities, because you never know when you’ll be in the same situation. It may come back and bite you in the ass. I think how you treat others is how you’ll be treated. It may not happen now but it may happen in the future. I’ve seen it happen.

    A friend of mine was fired for no reason except the boss didn’t like her (of course they came up with a bunch of bogus accusations against her), but anyway the boss ended up getting fired in a bad way. It came back on her 10 times worse. I treat others how I want to be treated and try to resolve problems like you had, the same way.

    1. I totally agree. The universal law comes to mind as I write. We all have lessons to learn! I know that at some point he, will have his.

  2. This is something that happens everyday and not worth wasting any energy on. I would have corrected the hairdresser and if not rectified on the spot, I would have just gone to another hairdresser.

    1. Brian, I did speak to the manager that I had a problem with, but like all problems we work through, it takes time to heal emotionally. I have left the salon and am starting somewhere new now.

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