Reflecting on Covid-19

Without knowing about my disability, I spent a life in reflection. It’s how I made sense of my world growing up, of what I had to deal with. It’s how I coped.

It’s how I cope now. Reflecting on Covid-19, we first heard about it in January 2020; in 2021 it is mutating and we need to find our place alongside it. Independent scientists say that unless we are all vaccinated, Covid-19 is here to stay.

The reality is the pandemic is in control of us, we’re not in control of it and where we think we are, it shows us we’re not. It still has room to grow and to change, therefore it is something we need to take into consideration, as we go about our daily lives.

So, I live with autism, and to a certain extent I am protected by it, but the flip side to that is that I am still aware of what goes on in the world. Covid-19 is made worse because of its initial handling by the UK government.

When you have a disability and you’re not aware, you are protected by those close to you. In my case, I still have to deal with what I see and hear and with sensory issues I struggle to come to terms with situations that I have little control of.

29 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Covid-19

  1. As you say 16 months in and I believe we have only just scratched the surface of this terrible pandemic. The daily news is just awful, as many many countries are simply unable to contain its spread.

    It must be worse for you because of your sensory issues, as the magnitude of the problem takes on a greater significance.

    We will prevail but it will take the concerted effort and cooperation of governments and selflessness of individuals, which unfortunately we are not seeing here in the UK.

    1. Thanks. Yes, for around 9 months, I was working on autopilot. You’re absolutely right, having sensory issues has made the virus take on a greater significance.

      Through Covid-19 I failed to make the connections; my writing has become my eyes and ears on my understanding on how everything works.

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