Reinforced insecurities

Deep-rooted emotions will always affect our energy and how we feel. It is important we think about issues that are making us unhappy and deal with them.

But no matter how we feel, the buck stops with us. We must be responsible for our behaviour, regardless of the self-limiting subconscious issues that are causing us to feel unhappy and angry. We’re unhappy and angry when we have little control over our subconscious thoughts and our life.

I learned very early on that I needed to be proactive and take back control of my emotions. The negative issues I had to deal with reinforced my own insecurities and those centred around certain aspects of my past.

When I think about it, I go back to my emotional struggles around school particularly, because each day was a mental struggle, a battle. I would go to school filled with dread and come back home with the same dread, knowing I’d have to go back into school the next day. Not having the emotional support to help me work through that time, never left me.

Any negative energy around us when we’re small can have a spiral effect, reinforcing our issues even more. Although we may subconsciously hold on to thoughts from as far back as a child, dealing with those thoughts can help us see things more clearly. When we struggle to deal with something in the present, something negative from our past can easily present itself temporarily.

Although my story is unique, dealing with our emotions isn’t. It was not knowing what I was dealing with and struggling with my neurological difficulties that weighed heavily. For many years those overall thoughts became intertwined. Having no emotional support to help me function in my own ‘normal’ was difficult.

Whilst we are responsible for our own happiness, it is important we find a way through, so that we’re not continually living with certain aspects of our past. It is important we continue to work on ourselves so that we can resolve our issues and so they’re not reinforced every time we deal with or think about something.

10 Jun, 2018

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