Relationships and hidden issues

Relationships may sometimes reveal our own hidden issues. Have you ever noticed that when you see, or are in the company of someone who is annoyed, angry or on edge, a part of what you see in them is usually a reflection of a hidden issue you have?

Sometimes what others say and the way they say it, may reinforce those hidden issues. It’s easy, therefore to see why we would be attracted to some people and not others and why some relationships are more comfortable than others.

We may live with insecurities, but may not always be consciously aware. It’s particularly true if we have a history that spans years with someone. When we unconsciously think about our life and we take a look back at our experiences, it may be easier to see the relationship patterns.

There may be some resistance to how we may navigate our relationships, but being able to change a relationship outcome positively, is well worth the effort in the longer term.

Where change becomes a new outcome, that in itself can be a challenge, but my thought is that change has to be good if it brings about more peace.

4 Apr, 2012

2 thoughts on “Relationships and hidden issues

  1. I agree with you. I see why opposites attract… but some relationships that are good to start with end up failures due to lack of respect on one or both peoples part.

    I tend to get along with most people.

    1. Relationships fail for many reasons. We all come into relationships with hidden issues that often haven’t been addressed that we’ve probably lived with since childhood. I don’t believe any of us live our lives free of such baggage.

      I believe that unless these are addressed this can contribute to the breakdown of many relationships and the respect that you speak of in your comment.

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