Remaining upbeat

As I try to remain upbeat, I can understand why the brain can easily go into a negative state, given my set of circumstances. There is only so much anyone can handle before everything becomes too much.

The following helps me:

  • Try to develop a spiritual awareness. Being spiritual will help you to remain focused and positive, even when you’re dealing with stressful situations;
  • Listen to music or read books that encourage you to remain upbeat. Read positive quotes and incorporate daily affirmations into your life so that you can continue to think positive;
  • Think about all that is positive in your life and try to concentrate on everything you know to be positive;
  • Try to be creative. Take up a hobby or exercise;
  • Surround yourself with people who are upbeat, fun and spiritual. That way you’ll be more inclined to be positive when dealing with negative situations.

Through my own experiences of dealing with a family member who is terminally ill, it is important to decide how much you can emotionally give. Usually a relative’s expectations of the help they want will differ to what you can give.

It’s easy to give up all your time to help because you feel guilty, you feel you should; or its expected that you will, but it’s important to think about yourself. When you’re supporting someone else, who supports you?

Sadly, without remaining upbeat, it’s easy for illness to creep in. We need to remain upbeat.

26 Apr, 2012

10 thoughts on “Remaining upbeat

  1. I think it is really important to try to stay positive and upbeat, even when things are not going right. It’s easy to spiral down further and this makes it even more difficult to turn things around, as you suggest.

    Your suggestions are all really good ones. I am sure that even doing just one of those will help.

    I bet when people read your blogs, it will help them to be positive too.

  2. Yes, remaining positive is very important when dealing with terminal illness. I believe that’s how my mom has survived for so long, plus she is very strong willed.

    1. I agree positivity does play its part in how we deal with illness and in part recover from certain illnesses, but I also believe other factors come into focus. Lifestyle choices are very important.

  3. Music and writing are definitely the best avenues for me personally.

    When playing everything else just falls by the wayside. Music enables me to be positive, gain focus, and portray emotion in a healthier way. Needless to say it serves a lot of avenues for me.

    It’s a lot easier when you find something that you truly love to do.

  4. You can only give so much. Then, you need to delegate, pass the baton, or whatever. A loving friend or family member would never ask you to go beyond what is healthy for you.

    1. Welcome to the site Tina. You’re absolutely right we can only give so much. That is so true of a lot of things, but our realities of what we deal with and what is expected of us doesn’t often work like that, particularly if we have little support.

      I felt comforted reading your last sentence. It would be lovely but life doesn’t always happen like that.

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