How ‘My Story’ panned out is remarkable, but the fact that it took me so long to get to this point and for me to learn about ‘My Story’ and symptoms so late in life, is also remarkable. The fact that I’m still standing is even more remarkable.

Since my diagnosis at the age of 46, the more symptoms I have stumbled across the more irritated I have become. I have worked out that for thirty years, I have also been chronically and acutely ill. I was born premature, I have cerebral palsy, autism, asperger, anxiety, digestive problems and IBS. I’ve also had reflux since I was 28, which is now under control.

OCD is also something I know I have that I didn’t know I had and comes from autism. It was only when I was watching Chris Packham talking about his OCD and autism symptoms that I made my connections with both. As a child if I was bought any new clothes, they’d stay in my wardrobe.

Mum knew what she’d bought and would often ask me why I wasn’t wearing them. She would even go so far as to describe the item of clothing for me. It was an OCD trait brought about through autism that I also didn’t know I had.

But without working towards a better lifestyle with everything I deal with, I know I will struggle more. I need to keep it going.

28 Nov, 2018

6 thoughts on “Remarkable

  1. You have been such an inspiration to me by sharing so openly your trials and tribulations with your issues and how much work you have done to overcome them.

    Knowing is half the battle is the expression that comes to mind, seeing as it does help when you know what the issues are. It doesn’t make up for not knowing for so long, but it’s a good start.

    It is quite remarkable that both of us are still standing, considering we had so many strikes against us from the start.

    I got to see the tactile issues as far as clothing with how my niece reacted to certain clothes, so I think I have an idea of what you’re talking about.

    I just wish I could do the same for my daughter, but there is still time if she decides that she ever wants my help, which would be nice.

    1. Thanks Randy. I am pleased that my writing about my experiences is helping you also.

      Yes, as far back as I can remember I always wanted to talk about my struggles. It was because everything seemed so big and scary. Years on, learning about and understanding my symptoms is the reason why.

      Back then, even as a small child I always innately believed that no matter how hard it was, or how difficult my life was living with a disability I knew nothing about, I still felt it important to keep myself in check. I was determined not to give up on myself.

      I couldn’t have imagined this life with what I have achieved through my writing, or my website, but then it was simply about having a diagnosis.

      My spiritual beliefs are testament that there is always a higher force that we’re not always aware of that understands us, but that we must be instrumental too in how we conduct our lives.

      It’s still important you’re there for your daughter Randy. When your daughter has worked through her own issues and understands her life more, she will want to come back. In the meantime Randy, keep working on yourself.

      Over time our thoughts and feelings change as we spiritually and emotionally grow and we come full circle.

  2. I think ‘remarkable’ is an under-statement. Your determination to find the true you and then to help people through your experiences is to be admired.

    As Randy says, you are inspirational.

  3. Remarkable indeed, how far you’ve come to achieve this level of mindfulness.

    From age 46, it took a short period of time for you to navigate around your circumstances; remarkable indeed.

    1. Thanks Tim. That’s so kind. You’re right, but when you re-live those experiences to get to the truth over a period of years, it seems like a lifetime.

      I’m just pleased I’ve come through the other end, pretty much unscathed to be able to do what I do.

      There is never a day go by where I don’t think about my life or my experiences and that brings about yet more understanding from those who should have protected me.

      I am slightly irritated by that fact, and although I lost a chunk of my life, I know I have gained so much more.

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