Resisting change

Resistance to change is brought about by our inability to accept that the life we had, isn’t the life we have now. Us resisting, will always be part of the ‘universal resistance,’ which means the more we resist, the more those circumstances are drawn to us.

When it comes to change, some of us may worry we will lose control through the change process, but if we have control before we initiate change, we will have control through and beyond the change process.

For some, change may interfere with our independence, whilst for others change may mean the opposite, when through a new set of circumstances, they become free of the things that held them back.

We’re only human and creatures of habit, we’re bound to want to resist; we inevitably follow the same routines and aren’t always good with change. Change isn’t always a habit. It’s also not something that happens frequently enough and having to work through it can be uncomfortable.

Change is about opportunity, possibilities, personal, spiritual and physical growth. Change will always give us the opportunity to try our hand at something new. Change allows us to reinvent ourselves, as we experience new opportunities.

The biggest problem in resisting change is we end up staying stuck in the past, not being mature enough to deal with change, never learning how to deal with new routines or new people.

The irony is that circumstances will always change whether we’re ready or not. What we need to do is introduce and use strategies that will help us adapt, so that we keep up with the possibility of change.

12 Jan, 2013

6 thoughts on “Resisting change

  1. Change can be scary for some people. We’re so very comfortable with the pro quo that we don’t want to change.

    But you’re right how can we experience new things and an even easier life if we don’t change. It could mean life and death for some due to bad habits.

    Changing to good habits can open a whole new world to us, but we’ll never know if we don’t change and try it.

  2. Change is something that happens. It can get a person a kick in the behind, when they need it. Yes it is difficult sometimes but a necessary part of life.

    Nothing stays the same forever.

    1. Absolutely right Randy. Change is very much a necessary part of life. I am not sure being honest, I would want things to stay the same all the time. How dull would that be?

  3. Unfortunately the only thing constant in life is change! I dealt with so much change as a child that it’s something I don’t really care for now. It’s nice to have things stay the same in some areas, such as being able to have a routine.

    There are times where avoiding it can be a serious problem considering it can cause a person to be stuck in the past, like someone had mentioned! It would just be nice to be able to have some amount of control over the changes in my life which isn’t always possible.

    I just have to learn how to deal with change now, where I can actually do something about it and don’t have to just take things the way that they are.

    1. You’re right Randy, change is a constant in life. That’s guaranteed, but I believe we are responsible for the changes we want to see. No one has to take things the way they are if they’re not happy to live their lives that way.

      Whether we’re in a relationship or not, if there’s something we’re not happy with, we’re entitled to either say something or do something about it. I agree that having too much change can be detrimental to our emotional well-being, particularly if we go through too much change as a child and we’re not prepared mentally for it.

      I believe change is good, as long as it’s not something we have to endure all the time. A little change goes a long way to help us grow and mature into the people we become as adults.

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