Rid yourself of clutter

We will spend a life accumulating clutter of the material kind, we will accumulate worry, negative self-talk and guilt, also known as ‘mental clutter.’

But all these things can become distractions after a while and can make us physically sick. When we learn to let go, we give ourselves more time to concentrate on the positive, as well as staying well in the process. When we simplify things, we will have inner peace.

It doesn’t stop there. When we carry mental clutter, we will begin to replace it with material clutter. When we let go of mental clutter, we will learn to let go of material clutter also. As a child, I had very little material worth, but in sincerity the simple life appealed to me more.

We must learn to let go of the material things, learn to let go of having to do things perfectly, say no without feeling guilty, focus on being positive and deal with negativity. We must learn to deal with issues before issues escalate into something bigger.

We must also spend more time with the people who lift and support us and who don’t bring us down. It is important to work on inner peace.

23 Jun, 2013

4 thoughts on “Rid yourself of clutter

  1. I used to buy stuff all the time. I had credit cards to almost everybody. I got all of them paid off and got rid of them.

    I don’t go out and buy stuff anymore. Matter of fact the only thing I get to buy is groceries! I think I used to have a very serious security thing going on. I likened buying things for myself as love and now I know the difference.

    I had a house full of clutter but I went through everything and gave a lot of it to the local hospice house for resale. My life is simpler since I did that.

    I still have mental clutter but I deal with it differently now. I try to take care of things that cause worry when it happens or arises. It’s just easier to get it off your chest than to hold on to it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think most of us do make the same mistake. We buy more than we need thinking that what we buy will make or put our lives right, but of course it never does.

      I’m pleased you’re doing things differently now. We mustn’t allow ourselves to get to the stage where we begin to worry because we’ve not taken care of something.

      I think that is very much the key to us getting rid of clutter.

  2. I admit I have mental clutter, but I’ve always sought peace in the simple things in life. I need to prioritize my thoughts better and relax mentally, my mind is too busy.

    I know people who hide behind material stuff because it gives them a false sense of success, a sense of worth. The acquisition of material things is all they care about.

    This is a very powerful post !

    1. Thanks Tim! I agree. We tend to use material things to hide behind and then we buy more to fill a void instead of dealing with issues. Like you, I know so many who work that way.

      I am sure many of us will have some mental clutter, but I believe we must deal with it if we want to stay healthy.

      If we don’t have clarity we will begin to struggle with many things.

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