Running away

As we continue to protect ourselves by ignoring the truth, we become more exposed than we are protected. It wasn’t so much that I was ignoring the truth, others were ignoring my truth. Until I came to piece my own life together, that was my life.

It would be many years before I would start to move forward. To the outside world my life appeared to be perfect, we appear perfect but our emotions and our lives are far from perfect.

We run from our lives, from ourselves, from our issues. We run from anyone who has become more successful than us and whilst we live in denial, we continue to expose ourselves to more elements.

When we count someone else’s blessings instead of own, we continue to open ourselves up to more vulnerability. We choose denial so we don’t have to face the truth. We must face our truth.

As we continue to run, we continue to cut ourselves off from the very source that gives us an understanding on the things we need to understand.

17 Mar, 2015

10 thoughts on “Running away

  1. I think the real truth lies beyond the facade of someone else’s success and the acceptance of our own.

    We are constantly searching for our truth, our rightful place in the scheme of things. We are running from time, not ourselves; because we know that time waits for no one.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think there’s an element of truth in what you say, but perhaps we do that because we’re jealous of someone else’s success.

      I think time is a great healer and we learn a lot of things through time, but I’m not really sure how many of us find that acceptance in ourselves and perhaps that’s the problem.

      We’re too busy looking at other people’s success, to notice what’s happening with us. We must learn to look within ourselves.

  2. I have wanted to run away and hide many times when things got really difficult with family. I think it arises from the child in all of us. When things were really bad I did run away from home.

    Unfortunately we can’t run away as adults so we have to face the music. At least that way we are doing something rather than nothing.

    1. It’s hard growing up and having to face the music; but as you say if we face the music, we’re doing something rather than nothing. Those are my sentiments too.

      When we learn to face the music, we will learn how to deal with ourselves; with life and our issues and sometimes that is exactly what we need to turn something around.

  3. I used to envy people only to find out later that they envied me. Perhaps it’s the lure of glitter that we’re jealous of, it’s certainly not the truth.

    We need to peel off the layers before we think of being jealous.

    1. Awww thanks Tim for coming back to comment on my response to your response. I’m not sure we ever really get to know the truth on another person’s success, we just think we do.

      I believe it’s often the act of someone else’s success we’re jealous of, not the success itself. Another person’s success tends to reinforce our own negativity and where we are in our own lives. That’s the problem we have.

  4. I think I am always running away from how having CP makes me feel. People have told me that I am always smiling. That might be true, but they don’t know that most of the time that smile is camouflaging feelings of self doubt.

    Even though I have come a long way in accepting myself, those negative feelings still pester me. I have a feeling I will always struggle with them because it’s difficult to not feel left out for not being able to do some things because of my disability.

    1. Unless people walk a mile in our shoes, they will never know what we deal with. I am totally with you on your thoughts Maria; having something like CP can bring about self-doubt. It is because of self-doubt we will always feel the need to camouflage our true feelings.

      Although some of us may be happy to talk about our feelings, I’m not sure how many really people want to listen and that becomes THE problem.

  5. As a nurse I’ve seen a lot of people go on with their life like nothing is wrong with them.

    They ignore the symptoms, or just do the minimum care they can get away with and act like they are normal. To me they are running from their illness.

    One day it will catch up with them and then they will be stuck.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes this is absolutely true. Eventually those of us who run away will get caught out. There is no doubt in my mind.

      I’m not sure why but doctors seem to be the worst, particularly when it comes to their own health. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that they are constantly having to deal with sick people, so they ignore things for themselves.

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