Seeing the need for change

My thoughts bring me on to a different path today, where I can see the bigger picture of my life, situations and issues that I’ve had to deal with.

I know which situations I can change; and which issues I need to change, but I also know that to change or walk away from that situation may bring with it more unease from those who aren’t accepting of my decisions. It’s not always easy to bring ourselves out of circumstances that we know will bring us peace.

In an ideal world yes, but it’s not how life goes. But I believe that if we speak out and things don’t work out, then it’s right to call time. I also believe that we’re less likely to live with regret if we say something, but I appreciate that some circumstances are difficult to move from, particularly for those of us who live with either emotional or physical abuse.

Any situation that doesn’t comply with how we want to live must change, but first we to see the need for change and we must want to change. Where we live with stress or abuse, we must see and think about change. I’m no different.

10 Apr, 2011

4 thoughts on “Seeing the need for change

  1. I agree with you. In my first marriage I lived through mental abuse and I left several times but always came back, until the last time when my child was threatened, I decided that was it. I had to be sneaky about it but I got out.

    Occasionally I regret it but not a lot because there is no telling where I’d be now if I’d stayed.

    My ex died several years later of suicide and I felt so guilty for a long time, but finally figured out that there was no reason for me to feel guilty. It wasn’t my fault.

    1. Lisa I totally agree with you it wasn’t your fault your ex committed suicide. Your ex would have gone on to do it regardless of whether you were still with him. Those are the circumstances where you have no choice, the decision needs to be made and quickly.

      I believe though, any change is important to our physical and emotional health.

  2. It is one thing to know you need to change something in life, it is another thing to make change happen. That is the hard part.

    I am in the process of doing that with my own life. I have a couple of things I want to change but with anything worth while I know it will take time and a lot of effort to do it.

    As long as a person feels like they are moving forward it will be okay.

    1. Yes you are right, making change happen is the hard part of anyone’s life. As long as not only does a person feel they are moving forward but moving forward, you are right it will be okay.

      It so hard to change a pattern of behavior that we have lived with for years, but I believe it can be done. Thank you for posting.

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