Self-esteem issues cont.d

When I look back at my own childhood I can see that I didn’t quite fit in. Although I wasn’t aware consciously I was dealing with self-esteem and confidence issues that is what they were. There are many reasons as to why we don’t fit in, but for me it was clear. It’s anything that makes us different.

Cerebral Palsy made me different and that meant I had different needs and my family’s inability to help and support me made things worse. Although I retreated into my own shell most of the time, I still saw others who had confidence. I wanted to be able to fit into my life as easily as it seemed that they fitted into theirs, but I also know that may not have been the case. All is not what it seems.

It’s true to say that we can go on to experience self-esteem issues early in our lives, but for some of us that is not always the case. There are those of us who have the perfect childhood, who go on to deal with difficulties and who will find themselves in situations where their self-esteem and confidence are being put to the test.

Our experiences tend to change the way we perceive our circumstances, as we begin to lose sight or control of those circumstances. Having self-esteem and confidence of course, will help us overcome some of those issues. It maybe that some of us are left with guilt. That we’re responsible and that can be a heavy price we pay.

From my own experience and understanding of life, it’s not always about us though. We’re just made to think it is.

20 Dec, 2010

2 thoughts on “Self-esteem issues cont.d

  1. I grew up with self-esteem problems and to an extent still have them.

    I think it’s related to my lack of friends; somehow that contributed to it. My illness certainly didn’t help because everyone was afraid to hang out with me. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize what true friends are and that has helped me.

    My career has also helped, but I still lack confidence and doubt myself a lot. That comes from my childhood too because I was made to believe I couldn’t do anything. I think it carries over into adulthood and it can be fixed with the right help.

    1. Our self-esteem does take a knock when were made to believe we can’t do anything. Not having an abundance of friends and your illness I believe were symptoms but not necessarily the cause.

      If we believe we cannot do something we tend to give up on other things too.

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