As a child growing up with a disability I didn’t know I had, I wasn’t self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency wasn’t on my radar, let alone part of me, or my life.

Fast-forward to today and being self-sufficient is what I am. As a child, with no emotional support, I had to be emotionally self-sufficient. In my mind I was an independent thinker.

Self-sufficiency promotes self-awareness, self-support, self-reliance and independence, without us having to seeking approval from others. It is part of a lifestyle we can all achieve.

Being self-sufficient helps us live comfortably, and determines how we will cope. In our busy lives, we must learn to be more self-serving, but we must also take the ego out.

Being self-sufficient means we will deal with stress better, pressures better and any irritations better. Self-sufficiency is based on a positive attitude, which means we will make better choices, for example, like who we choose to have in our lives.

12 Jul, 2019

2 thoughts on “Self-sufficiency

  1. My circumstances led me to be self-sufficient and looking back I’m pleased. I have a sibling either side who got all the attention and I was left to my own devices, so became self-sufficient at an early age, while still at primary school.

    I have carried this independence throughout my life, which has not aways been a positive thing. I have had to learn not to judge people who are not as independent or self sufficient, and I understand sometimes circumstances make that difficult for people.

    Reading your blogs I think you were always self-sufficient, but weren’t allowed to develop or think like that, as it suited others that way. I whole heartedly agree with you that we are happier for it.

    1. Our circumstances will always dictate who we are and who we become, but we consciously work to change that. Our circumstances also show us and teach us many lessons.

      As you say you’ve learned being too self-sufficient meant you expected others to be like you. It also taught you about other people and that’s a good thing. Being too independent is never a good thing. We have to be able to adapt to fit in with others.

      I agree with you though about my own circumstances. It’s irritating this was my life, I continued to struggle for many years, but post-diagnosis, I also know what I have achieved. I couldn’t be happier with that.

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