Short breaks

I’m so glad I managed to make the trip to London, but even on a short break such as this, I still have to plan ahead so that I don’t get ill or stressed. I also have to deal with digestion problems.

I want to take in the sites like everyone else, without thinking about the amount of walking I have to do and how emotionally and physically stressful that can be, but I’m not sure anyone really understands part or all of what I go through and how hard things are. I simply can’t overdo things.

It’s easy for others including my family to forget what I have to work through. I hate having to remind them.

1 Jul, 2013

2 thoughts on “Short breaks

  1. You’re so right. People truly don’t understand the pains we have unless they experience it themselves.

    I wish there was a way others could experience things like this for just one day. Like the pregnancy thing a man can wear to kind of get how it feels to be pregnant. But there isn’t such a thing for our problems that we experience.

    I hope you enjoy yourself on your holiday and do very well. Have a safe trip back home.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You’re absolutely right. I believe it’s important for us to have empathy regardless.

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