Signs of our loved ones

If like me you believe in spirit, your ‘spirit guides’ will deliver little signs that your loved ones are trying to communicate with you.

Spirit guides can be an angel, an animal, a mythical creature, a goddess, or an ancestor. They are universal forces that are here to help us. When something good happens or you’re struggling and just need help, your spirit guides deliver signs that remind you that your loved ones aren’t far away. That never diminishes.

I recall once, when out for a drive, little messages began to appear that showed my mum wasn’t far away. The car driving behind us, had part of a number plate that read ‘mum.’ On returning to the car, the car in front of us also displayed the word ‘mum’ on the number plate, then as I gazed over to my left, a white car also drove past, with ‘dad’ written on that number plate.

There are also other signs. White lights flickering, feathers that seem to appear from nowhere. The whole spiritual thing can send shivers down our spine for those who are slightly unnerved by the idea. The messages they leave us are tokens of love to say that they’re still around us, and that all is good.

For those who choose not to believe, they do so from a place of not wanting to know, or non-understanding. They may also be sceptics. Anyone who is unwilling to open their mind to the possibility that our loved ones are trying to connect, will be less opened minded in other areas of their lives too.

On our part, it’s about keeping an open mind. To know both my parents approved, together and at the same time was slightly weird, particularly as they weren’t always in sync with each other this side of life.

21 May, 2017

12 thoughts on “Signs of our loved ones

  1. I believe this. I talk to my father all the time and love it when a sign like those you describe appears. I find it comforting.

    1. Yes, I think it too. I would just add to that. Our loved ones are there to acknowledge and make their presence known to us, but we must continue to support, guide and make decisions for ourselves.

      We have to rely on ourselves. We cannot simply rely on our loved ones making things right for us, or expecting things to turn out right, without our own input. Spirit simply doesn’t work like that.

      They’re there to keep us strong and focused. The rest is up to us.

  2. I believe they are with us in some way or other. I feel them mostly. A very warm, loving feeling in my heart and I talk to them occasionally.

    When I was 21 I had the flu and was in bed. I ran a very high temperature and I saw my great grandparents beside my bed. I wasn’t delusional because I was questioning myself at the time.

    And I’ve had many dreams about loved ones that are gone that were telling me they were okay and happy and they knew I missed them, but things would be okay.

    1. Thanks Lisa and welcome back to the site. Yes, when it comes to our loved ones, we all feel and think differently about communication with them once they’ve passed.

      Recurrent dreams are very common, where loved ones come back to put our minds at rest and to tell us we’re okay and they usually do it at time when we’re more resilient to having access to them, particularly when we’re ill.

  3. I definitely believe in spiritual signs and contact. I lost the love of my life at a young age and I am still contacted by him 8 years later.

    I love getting those signs when I least expect them and often when I need them the most.

    1. Thanks LeAnna. Yes, I think it’s lovely that you believe in it too. Your last sentence sums up your response beautifully and I agree.

      It’s always a great comfort seeing the signs when we need them the most. It shows we’re really not alone.

  4. When a sweet fragrance enveloped my car, I pulled over and breathed in my father, I knew it was him. Communication between the living and the so-called dead is real.

    I love this blog; I have communicated with my father in various ways.

    1. Thanks Tim. I am pleased you have. I’ve never been in that position where I’ve physically come across a smell that reminded me of a loved one, but I have in other ways.

      They all equate to the same thing. That our loved ones really are around us and in our lives. They never really leave us.

  5. This is great! I’ve always believed this. When I go to my mom’s house, I know my grandma is there because occasionally the house will smell like my grandma’s did.

    A reminder of being a child playing at her house or spending a night over that sweet smell brings me back. I walk in and tell my mom, “grandma’s here.”

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I believe it. It’s how our loved ones communicate.

      From your explanation of the smell in your mum’s house, it sounds as though you’re comfortable with the concept that your grandma chooses to stay around you all.

      It shows how close you and your mum must have been to your grandma for her want to stick around. But your last paragraph brings with it an air of peace and tranquility. How wonderful.

  6. Thank you Ilana. I’d sure love to think so. I believe it anyway. I miss her so much! My mom is really hurt she’s not here physically anymore and she says it makes her feel better when I can smell grandma.

    Apparently I’m the only one that can smell the scent bc my mom and grandpa haven’t had that experience. Hmmmm

    1. I think you’re on to something there Bonnie. I’m pleased you have that connection and you clearly have.

      I find it comforting to know our loved ones do still support us that along the way they will show us little signs. It’s a gift on our part to be able to recognise those signs and understand.

      I’m pleased you can and continue to recognise them. Your grandma clearly knows you can too.

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