Simplifying your life

The problem with life is that we want more, more than we can afford to have, run or own. We buy too many things. Our children have more now than our generation had, more than our parents generation did, but they seem less happy than we were.

As a child, I wasn’t indulged, my parents couldn’t afford to buy me things. My life was simple, playing ball in the back garden was considered fun.

Some other ways to simplify your life

  • Stop holding on to anger and bitterness. Holding on to the things that we have no control over can make us even more angry and bitter. Let go of the things you cannot change and change the things you can. Make peace with your past;
  • Cut down on negative relationships that leave you emotionally drained. Relationships should be equal and if they’re not, then perhaps it’s time to evaluate. When we make too many compromises to fit into other people’s life, it’s the wrong kind of effort;
  • Give yourself time to stop, think and take a deep breath. Down size the things on your to-do list. Go for a walk, turn the television and your mobile phone off. Read a book or listen to classical music. Incorporate those into your day and see how much more focused, calm and more positive you become;
  • Remember to say no, once in a while. That helps us focus on what we want, rather than what someone else wants from us and don’t feel bad about it saying it; Start exercising as part of your routine. Exercise isn’t a luxury, it’s a must for those of us who want a healthy life without adding to complications on our health.

Finally, watch what you eat and make sure what you eat fits into your lifestyle. Don’t skip meals, take time to eat fresh foods so that you’re incorporating healthier choices.

19 Dec, 2011

6 thoughts on “Simplifying your life

  1. Good suggestions.

    I have simplified my life just by cleaning things out and getting rid of things I don’t need or use anymore.

  2. Everyone should declutter every once in a while.

    Stand back and look at the material things we accumulate that we don’t really need and then apply the same principles to our relationships.

    Having said that you can never have enough car magazines!

  3. I certainly need these tip of yours, especially in letting go of bitterness and anger, which I have been carrying since childhood against my Dad’s relative.

    Plus, I should stop my negative thinking which my mom hates about me 🙂

    1. Thanks for posting Kimmy. It’s great to have you on site.

      I think there is a lot more to what you say and your family are partly responsible, because I was exactly the same as you as a child. I was angry and bitter. We tend to form negative thoughts around what we deal with and you deal with CP. It’s very hard to be positive when you’re not feeling positive.

      I know your parents have been very instrumental and supportive towards you and that’s great, but I believe support has to be across the spectrum. Perhaps your family can help you address how you feel towards your dad’s relative; particularly if the reasons you’re bitter and angry have nothing to do with you.

      I am sure that with maturity and experience you will learn how to change other things too. Many thanks for posting Kimmy.

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