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It’s become standard practice to put barriers up to protect ourselves. That way we don’t have to communicate our thoughts to anyone.

It’s the way we’re made, right? Unfortunately not, it’s what we’ve learned. People don’t always shy away from other people because they feel resentment towards them; they usually shy away because they’re not sure how to communicate on a level they’re comfortable with. As a consequence, certain people will cocoon themselves and cut themselves off.

They worry that other people’s opinions will make their opinions seem worthless. Through a lack of self-esteem and confidence, it’s what they believe, but that doesn’t mean it’s always how it is. They’re entitled to their own opinions, just as much as we are entitled to ours. Their opinions are just as valid, but we don’t always have to agree.

The sad reality is that when we are cocooned, there becomes less or no interaction at all and that’s when resentment begins to set in. People will always back off when emotionally they feel threatened, when they feel less equipped to deal with a social class difference, when they subconsciously feel they don’t fit in.

Since the late Eighteenth century, social class has been encouraged in society. Families and society should now be encouraging more equality between the different social groups. Social classes should never have been brought into the equation of how we communicate with others, or how inferior we’re made to feel by others.

29 Mar, 2013

8 thoughts on “Social class

  1. I agree. I see it in me with certain people. Unfortunately the people are family members.

    I had a real tight relationship growing up with my cousin who is 6 weeks older than I am. We wrote to each other on a weekly basis, sometimes more than once a week. She lived 3 hours from me, but now that we’re older things have changed.

    She is in a higher class socially than me and has money and isn’t afraid to show it. I feel inferior to her so we don’t communicate much when she is home for holiday. Her kids are really good kids, but the problem is she lets everyone know and ‘brags’ constantly about her kids.

    I think someone must have said something to her because she isn’t doing it as much as she used to. I agree we tend to shy away from others that are in a higher social class then we are.

    I think we should treat everyone the same. Karma is real.

    1. Yes karma is real. From what you describe Lisa I think this is very much a social class thing. Money although a necessity changes certain people in the way you describe (but not all).

      I think the more grounded we are, the less likely we are to be affected by money and social class.

      It’s a shame for you and your cousin. I’m pleased though that your cousin’s children are really good kids. I hope that the way your cousin is, doesn’t change the way her children go on to deal with their friends and contemporaries in their lives.

      Unfortunately as you have seen Lisa life does change us, but life can also change us for the good too. We have to recognise the importance of life and what it all really means.

  2. In certain ways I have always put up barriers to protect myself. I only let certain people in to my world to see the real me.

    I guess I have been rejected once too often to totally trust people until I know them. When I feel safe with another person only then will I open up to them.

    That is a sad reality, but a necessary one for me.

    1. I think with what you’ve had to deal with, it’s not surprising you’ve put barriers up to protect yourself. It’s so we don’t get hurt, but it doesn’t always help us in the longer term as we tend to avoid certain aspects of our lives.

      I believe there comes a time when we should lift those barriers. You’re as good as the next person. Go out there and show them you are.

  3. My son who is very humble, has a few friends that are wealthy. They seem pretty cool with him as far as to not rub in his face that they have new cars while my son doesn’t have one.

    It doesn’t seem to bother my son that he doesn’t have a car while some of his friends are driving around in new BMW’s and Mercedes that their parents bought them. I’m glad to see that his friends are pretty down to earth, even though they have money, they don’t always stick around people of the same financial class.

    Their parents are very cool and don’t brag about how much money they have. On the other side of the coin, my brother’s ex-wife was a blue blood. Her father rubbed it into my brother’s face all the time. My brother grew resentful to that, they never saw eye to eye on anything.

    The father-in-law was a jerk right to the end of the relationship, guess that is the way that old money is. It’s sad really, they think their shit doesn’t stink, but hold on, it does and always will!

    1. I am totally impressed with your son’s friends and their parents that they treat your son normally and that they don’t make a difference. It’s the sign of good parenting Maria when one’s child is humble.

      I believe there is no harm anyone having money or coming into money, but I find it both sad and unnecessary when money changes a person and they begin to feel and act than they’re better than everyone else.

  4. Classism and Racism are still very much alive today. The social sins of our ancestors continue to permeate through-out the very fabric of American culture, as evident in the comprehensive scheme of things. While we conveniently label ourselves civilized, we certainly fall way short of that by its very definition.

    Our system of ism’s are now primitive and slowly becoming extinct, because the world is becoming smaller. We are finally beginning to appreciate the contributions of people unlike ourselves, in effort to help advance our so called civilized culture and nurture the state of the human condition.

    Of course, there is resistance to this human evolution, because ignorance and fear solicits evil. Efforts to continue to separate us by class or any other human characteristics will be futile.

    At the end of the day, we are all sailing on the same ship towards things unseen, but always prayed for.

    1. Welcome to the site Tim. I agree and you are completely right with your thinking.

      I do think that individually we have to change our own thinking so that we follow our own thoughts and feeling about and how we want to be seen through the eyes of other people. Unfortunately social class is very much part of people’s psyche, but it will always be up to the individual to change so that history doesn’t have a way of repeating itself.

      I believe we tend to continue to behave and copy certain patterns when we’re not consciously thinking about those patterns. Subconsciously we will always play out social patterns passed on to us by our families, through our cultures and through society as a whole.

      Consciously we can change. The buck always stops with the individual not with society as a whole. We can change what is to how we want our lives to be, although we cannot change others in the process.

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