Some of the same feelings

So here I am blogging about my feelings again. It’s never a great surprise to me that my thoughts and feelings constantly change.

When a child experiences trauma in their life, it should be something the whole family work through too. Dealing with trauma is always difficult. To wake up one day and say I’m okay now rarely happens. It’s always a long road back to full emotional health, when we’re dealing with any kind of trauma.

It’s also not something we can always bring clarity on. As is life, when we think we have some form of clarity and we’re moving forward, we often find we’re not; something always gets in the way. The good thing is that life evolves, nothing ever stays the same. I believe things move to their rightful end, when they’re supposed to.

I am hoping with the weekend behind us that will bring more clarity. A friend of Daniel’s came to visit having spent a few months abroad. Turning to what Daniel’s had to deal with, this will be his first time back in St Andrews since his last operation. I am hoping he will use this time as an adjustment to get back into his old life.

We still have much to do. February will soon be around the corner, with the start again of university life. I want him to be ready for that.

13 Dec, 2011

6 thoughts on “Some of the same feelings

  1. I’m hoping this short spell away from home and with friends might just give him the encouragement and confidence boost that he needs.

  2. I hope going back for a visit will help encourage him. Maybe lift him up and show that things aren’t as bad as he thinks they are.

    The saying I’ve heard “time heals all wounds” and in my life things seem to happen when they want to, not on my time schedule.

    I’ve learned it does no good to try and push things along.

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