Spiritual awareness

Even as a child, I was innately aware of a built-in intuition, which became my ‘eyes and ears’ and ‘spiritual awareness,’ but because I struggled emotionally, it never presented itself in those times, but in my more lucid moments it was there.

The older I got and the more I understood my experiences, the more I was able to control how I felt, then every now and again that part of me would peep out. Spiritual growth is a process of inner awakening, where we start to become aware of our ‘inner-self.’

Being aware of our inner self, may help us to develop a higher awareness, so that we are able to tap into our unconscious thinking. It enables us to go beyond what’s in our conscious thoughts, to help us bring understanding on past experiences, who we are and what makes us, us.

We can all have the ability, but usually that part of who we are, is tucked away behind the ego-personality. Being spiritual allows us to instinctively listen to our inner thoughts, so that we are continually tuned in to them.

Having spiritual beliefs can help us become better, more compassionate people. It may also allow us to live a more peaceful and tranquil life. Spirituality helps us take away fear, anxiety and stress. It can also help us to compose ourselves, so that we are able to remain calm under pressure, with whatever we have to deal with.

7 May, 2012

4 thoughts on “Spiritual awareness

  1. I guess that is what people mean when they say they have sixth sense about something or an innate intuition. From how you describe it, it sounds a wonderful gift.

    I sometimes get good or bad feelings about a situation but that’s all.

    1. Thank you. I believe the gift as you describe it, has helped me live and understand my life a lot better.

      I have managed to put so much behind me as a result. I’ve let go of things that aren’t important and have dealt with things that needed to be dealt with. It has definitely brought me to this point as far as The CP Dairy is concerned. It also helps me write intuitively.

      I feel completely comforted by it and have a lot more peace now… just by being able to make different and better decisions for myself.

  2. I’ve always been tuned into the spiritual side of life, but just haven’t really been connected that strongly in recent years.

    I’ve had a strong sense of intuition which has been helpful at times in my life.

    I just need to work on reconnecting to my old sense of intuition so I could deal with my current life a lot better.

    1. Wow Randy! This is amazing. I had no idea you were spiritual, but if you can go back and become more aware again, you will deal with your life better.

      It will be easy now you know how to connect already. Let me know if you can how you get on.

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