Standing in judgment

It’s wrong to stand in judgment. There will be things people do that on the face of it, clearly isn’t appropriate behaviour but that will be for them to deal with, not for us to make a judgment over.

When we make a judgement we’re not looking at what others have done objectively, we’re condemning them for doing something that we think is inappropriate, on something we wouldn’t have done.

If we’re all accountable and responsible for our own indiscretions, it doesn’t make it right for others to stand in judgment. When we make a decision, or another person makes a decision, it’s not up to anyone else to judge.

It’s usually the universe that is responsible for that.

3 Aug, 2014

6 thoughts on “Standing in judgment

  1. This is absolutely true. That’s one reason why my daughter didn’t want anyone to know she is expecting, because she said people will judge her and put her down.

    I’ve gone through my life with people judging me for various things and it isn’t right. What gives others the right to judge others when they probably aren’t all that clean themselves.

    I try not to judge people. Things that happen in other people’s lives aren’t my concern. It’s between them and God. That’s my belief.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with you judging others isn’t right and should be of no concern to any of us.

      We all have our own beliefs of course. I personally believe that what anyone does is between their conscience and themselves.

  2. I agree that we are not here to judge; that is someone else’s job, not ours. We should only judge our own behaviour.

  3. Many of us judge people based on our limited perspective of things which is usually flawed and narrow sighted.

    When we judge we’re pointing a finger at others while three fingers are pointing back at us.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree, but do we care whether three fingers are pointing back at us? I think not. If we cared, we wouldn’t choose to judge.

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