Staying positive

I find that my days always have a marked effect on my mood around what I deal with emotionally around cerebral palsy.

I can start off with such positive thoughts then my mood spirals. I need people in my life who are positive. I see myself as being positive, but it’s not always possible for me to help others see themselves positively, without them wanting to be positive.

It is not helped by there being so much negativity out there, in newspapers, in the media but we must remain positive. Instead, we must change the way we perceive other people so that we are able to remain positive and calm.

3 Jul, 2010

8 thoughts on “Staying positive

  1. Your thoughts are so correct and I had this concept down and was leading a happy life. My problem was that I couldn’t accept it from my children, they are part of me and I just didn’t want to accept it. Somehow I forgot that they were half someone else and it was their mother surfacing in them.

    I realized it and now I can’t leave them alone fast enough. I couldn’t change their mother and obviously I won’t be able to change them. I love them, accept who they are but don’t have to accept their behavior.

    I am putting all of that negativity behind me. I have a life to live here and I only get one, so I’m going to make it a good one.

    1. You are absolutely right in your thinking Brian. We cannot change our children, they are part of someone else too. Time to make your own decisions so that you can live your life with more positivity in it.

  2. I thank God for my late mother. She was the positive one. I try to do the same now even with her gone.

    I do not blame my father as he grew up in a household where there was a lot of fighting and negativity. I once asked my uncle about it and he said my grandparents marriage was not a happy one, whereas on my mother’s side her parents adored each other.

    I have rarely seen two people so much in love even after 62 years of marriage. They were great role models. So it is just what you grow up with. My mother was my main parent for many years. She taught me a lot.

    She was a great Mother.

    1. Randy you are lucky to have had at least one parent as a role model. Sorry she’s not around for you anymore, but I’m sure you have so many positive thoughts of her.

  3. I agree that being positive can enhance our lives. Ninety percent of the world’s wealthy and famous people are positive people and most of these have a Christian attitude. Whatever happened to our role models as most of them were positive people.

    I try to live a positive lifestyle and keep positive people and things around me. Nice photos and bright colourful art make me feel good and this is how I help myself to stay positive. It takes practice but being positive is a habit and we need to practise being positive to stay positive. I sometimes find a good book to read or listen to radio stories about positive people when I slip into a negative mood. They seem to help me.

    Yes, the papers and magazines are full of negative stories and articles, but they are only putting all this negativeness in as it sells. TV is another form of negativeness and all or most of us watch it, we are all crazy!

    If we want more positiveness in all our media, we need to tell the publishers as if we do nothing, we are just as bad. I haven’t brought a paper or magazine since Princess Diana was killed and I seldom watch TV either as this is my way of protesting against negativeness.

    If we all stopped watching TV and reading papers and magazines, would we see a different stile coming back into our media?

  4. Positive thinking has been discussed frequently by many, including Norman Vincent Peale.

    I believe in it’s ability to contribute to our sense of well-being. l am also a Catholic Christian with faith in Jesus to help me on my earthly journey.

    I believe strongly in the Golden Rule and l’ve learned the value of humility Peace to all… God Bless.

    1. Thanks ChipChip. Yes, I am sure there will be plenty more discussions about positive thinking and also agree in its contribution to our health.

      I am pleased you have found all that helps you on your journey in life. That is so important.

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