Staying truthful & honest

I don’t see the point of not being honest about our experiences. What we experience is what we experience. Not being honest or recounting our experiences differently, doesn’t help us. It also won’t change the experience or outcome.

In some respects being honest can make life easier, potentially harder in others. Easier because others see our struggles and know they’re not alone and harder; because we have nowhere to hide and being vulnerable potentially opens us up to other people forming opinions about us.

In a way I feel I’m lucky that my neurological difficulties have heightened my senses, so I get to remember conversations and experiences as if they happened yesterday. I am honest to my thoughts and recollections. Through my blogs, I get to catalogue conversations and experiences from years ago, which makes what I write even more accurate.

I believe it helps us being truthful and honest because others then get to relate back their own experiences, staying truthful to what they’ve had to deal with.

12 Oct, 2017

2 thoughts on “Staying truthful & honest

  1. The truth is unfamiliar country when we feel uneasy about our experiences. Of course, there’s no way to really escape the truth, unless we’re completely buried in lies.

    But sometimes there’s no distinction between truth and non-truth, honesty and dishonesty, when our brains can’t tell the difference.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, when we feel uneasy about our experiences whether we know the truth or not, those feelings will always make us feel uneasy.

      But without the truth we will always be completely immersed in lies and our problems will never stop there. I believe we know the truth, but there may be the odd occasion when we don’t.

      We will continually be doomed to fail when we’re not prepared to face the truth, because the truth acts in accordance with the universal principles.

      I’m not sure how many people know this, but facing the truth means coming to terms with ourselves and how many of us are prepared to do that?

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